Indie123 going live!
So this is the first news on this new site - News #1!

This site - as you see it now at the time of this post - is currently in beta state. What is it all about?

Well, in the first line, indie123 is just a place for indie developers who don't have the time to invest much of their time into developing a website for their project or do fear the amount of intial setup of a full blown wordpress installation.

indie123 make live easy for them. Just sign up, create your project. You can easily setup a forum, post news and images and link your youtube videos.

indie123 is meant to be easy and simple. You will not find the full featureness of a wordpress blog nor will you find high sophisticated community features. This is not the goal of indie123. The goal is to make it easy and simple to maintain your newly game/app/project without spending nights over nights for a website for it.

You may have a look at our current projects hosted on indie123 and maybe you'll find something interesting. Also have a look in our forums, where people discuss future features of this platform.
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2013/12/21 18:47
Looks promising. I am sure this will help many indie developers to spare time and resources
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