[Chinese Market] What are the ways and platforms for personal blogs to earn income through advertising?

In China, there are many ways for personal blogs to earn income through advertising, but due to China's unique Internet environment, the platforms used may be different from those in the international market. The following are some advertising platforms commonly used by domestic bloggers:

  1. Baidu Alliance : Similar to Google AdSense, Baidu Alliance provides a series of advertising products, including search ads, display ads, etc. Bloggers can earn income by placing these ads on their blogs.

  2. Tencent Guangdiantong : Tencent's advertising platform provides a variety of advertising forms including social advertising and APP advertising, and is suitable for different types of websites and applications.

  3. Sohu Changyan : In addition to the comment system, Sohu Changyan also provides advertising services, and bloggers can earn revenue by displaying advertisements.

  4. Alimama : Alibaba Group’s affiliate marketing platform, bloggers can earn commissions by promoting products on Taobao and Tmall.

  5. NetEase Youdao Advertising Alliance : NetEase's advertising alliance provides a variety of advertising forms, including keyword advertising, content alliance advertising, etc.

  6. Sina Weibo Advertising : If your blog content is also distributed on Weibo, you can earn income through Weibo advertising.

  7. Zhihu Advertising : If you are active in content creation on Zhihu, you can earn revenue through Zhihu’s advertising system.


  • Content compliance : Domestic advertising platforms usually review content strictly to ensure that your blog content complies with national laws, regulations and platform regulations.
  • Real-name authentication : Most domestic advertising platforms require advertisers to undergo real-name authentication, which may include providing ID card information, company information, etc.
  • Payment methods : Understand the payment methods and withdrawal rules of each platform to ensure that you can receive advertising revenue smoothly.
  • Various advertising forms : Domestic users are relatively receptive to advertising, so they can try a variety of advertising forms, such as banner ads, information flow ads, video ads, etc.
  • Copyright issues : Make sure the images, videos and other materials you use comply with copyright requirements to avoid infringement issues.

Choosing the right advertising platform and combining it with your blog’s characteristics and audience can effectively increase your advertising revenue. At the same time, maintaining high quality content and good user experience is the key to long-term advertising revenue.

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