I believe everyone has seen the cellular version of the express locker, but have you seen the web version of the express locker?


Web version of "Express Locker": a new way to easily send and share files

Have you ever stood in front of a cellular delivery locker and easily sent or received a package? But, have you ever thought that you can send and receive files over the Internet as easily as sending physical packages? Today, I want to introduce to you a magical open source project-the web version of "Express Locker", which allows you to realize this idea in the digital world.

"Express" services on the Internet

Imagine that you can "send" files to any corner of the Internet with just one simple operation. After successful delivery, the system will give you a shipping code. You only need to tell your recipients the shipping code, and they can easily obtain the files you shared from the Internet through this shipping code. Isn't this very convenient?

Differences from Baidu Netdisk

Some netizens may say, isn’t this similar to the sharing function of Baidu Netdisk? actually not. This web version of "Express Cabinet" provides a more concise and direct way to share files. You don’t need to upload files to a platform and then share them via links or extraction codes. Instead, you can "ship" the file directly to the recipient, who only needs to use the shipping code to receive it.

How to deploy to your server?

Now, let's take a look at how to deploy this magical web version of "Express Locker" to your own server. Taking Tencent Cloud Server as an example, you only need to log in to your server panel, find the server you purchased and log in. Then, copy the one-click deployment command in the project and paste it to run. Before running, make sure your server has all necessary environments installed and configured.

Firewall configuration and access

After successful deployment, you may find that you cannot access this "express locker" through the server's public network address and specified port (such as port 12345). This is usually because the server's firewall is not configured correctly. You only need to enter the server's firewall configuration, add a rule for port 12345, and fill in the notes. After completing these settings, you should be able to successfully access your web version of "Express Locker".


Through this open source project, we can not only send files over the Internet like sending physical packages, but also enjoy a more convenient and secure file sharing experience. If you are interested in this project or want to learn more about cutting-edge programming knowledge, don’t forget to follow our channel. In the next video, we will bring more interesting and practical technology sharing.

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