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Revealed: How to use your mobile phone to automatically keep accounts and manage your finances easily

Have you ever thought that you can automatically record your accounts with just two taps on your phone? This is not science fiction, this is reality! Today, we will reveal the principle behind this automatic accounting instruction with a total value of up to 400,000.

In Xiao's book, an automatic accounting instruction with a cumulative sales volume of 20,000 copies has attracted widespread attention. This command can automatically identify the amount and type of consumption on the screen after you double-click the back of the phone, and then automatically record the account. Accounting data can be displayed on a mobile phone or PC through multi-dimensional tables or dashboards, making your financial management clear at a glance.

So, how is this magical instruction implemented? In fact, it relies on the "tap back" in the "touch" auxiliary function of Apple mobile phones. By setting a quick accounting command to be triggered with two taps, we can easily implement automatic accounting.

Next, we deeply analyze the writing process of this shortcut command. First, you need to fill in the interface for adding data to the multidimensional table, then trigger the screenshot function and identify the amount on the screen through regular matching. According to the number of recognized amounts, the instruction will perform corresponding processing: if no amount is recognized, the user will be prompted to enter; if one or more amounts are recognized, the amount selected by the user will be stored. Next, the command prompts the user to select the accounting type (expense or income), as well as the specific consumption or income type. Finally, these data are added to Feishu's multidimensional table by calling the interface.

After hearing this, are you already eager to try and make this accounting instruction yourself? Don't worry, we have prepared detailed production tutorials for you. You only need to open the shortcut command app and follow the steps to add operations, and you can easily complete the creation of this accounting command. Moreover, we also provide a sharing link so that you can directly import the already written accounting instructions without starting from scratch.

Now, let's verify the effect of this command. Open Settings, find Accessibility, tap Touch, and then tap Assistive Touch. In the custom top-level menu, find the accounting command we just wrote. Now, you can trigger accounting instructions by tapping the assistive touch button. Isn’t it very convenient?

Through this automatic accounting command, you can manage your own finances more easily, making accounting simple and efficient. If you want to know more cutting-edge programming knowledge and practical skills, don’t forget to follow us! See you next time!

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