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From in-game currency to email finders: Entrepreneurs try and succeed

Valentine Volin, a creative and practical entrepreneur, is the founder of Finding Male, a high-quality email finding tool. His entrepreneurial journey was full of twists and turns, but it was these experiences that shaped his current success.

Volin's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16, when he sold digital currency from video games online in exchange for cash. He successfully created these in-game currencies by using BitTorrent software to automate in-game tasks. However, when the robot was shut down, he did not give up, but developed his own robot software and made it available to the robotics community. It was his first experience with the product, and although the software was free, he made money through donations and use of the software.

While in college, Volin turned to other ventures and tried many things in the field of making money online in MMOs. In order to increase website traffic, he came into contact with SEO and learned how it works. However, his heart always loved creating software, not just websites. Therefore, in 2020, he started the first songs ico in the Westward Journey field, a CO monitoring tool. Although this attempt was not a big success, it allowed Volin to more clearly define his interests and skills.

In early 2022, Volin started working on a new business idea. He created Scrapy Bird, which quickly gained traction. However, he soon realized it was a niche product. But at this time, he saw an opportunity for a good email finder and began to try it. This is how Finding Male was born and what he is currently focusing on.

Finding Male's design prototype and manufacturing process are full of creativity and ingenuity. The first version of the product was the most basic email finder, giving you two text boxes and a button to get someone's email address. Volin quickly completed the creation of MVP based on the content he created in Scraping Burn and Prospective. He then slowly added features like automated file enrichment, but the core value was always the first email lookup verification algorithm.

In terms of promotion, Volin uses a variety of strategies. He uses another of his products, Rey Bird, to obtain user emails from Twitter, such as followers of influencers or followers of competitors. He also showed people how to use Finding Mail to do XYZ and other attraction tricks to promote by sending links to Google documents. In addition, he also took platforms such as Twitter more seriously and began posting more frequently and doing cold promotions. These strategies are effective in attracting and retaining customers and driving business growth.

For the future, Volin plans to invest more time into Finding Mail and add more features and growth to see how far this product can go. He believes that the most important lesson learned in the entrepreneurial process is: nothing matters until growth. He suggested that entrepreneurs should focus on the two core issues of quotation and traffic, and communicate with customers as early as possible to avoid wasting time on worthless things.

Volin's entrepreneurial experience is full of trial, learning and success. His story tells us: Only by constantly trying can we find our own path to success; only by focusing on core issues and continuous learning can we achieve greater achievements.

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