What I understand by reading


The meaning of reading as I understand it: deepening thinking and broadening choices

In this era of information explosion, we receive massive amounts of information every day. Short videos, social media, chat songs...these easy-to-obtain information makes us give up thinking without realizing it and fall into "diode thinking"-either good or bad, and unable to judge things objectively. So, how to get out of this vicious cycle? I think reading good books is a very good way.

Reading good books will help you understand the world more deeply

Reading classic high-scoring books may not make you a genius immediately, but it can help you understand more deeply the logic of how the world works. For example, when you see public opinion criticizing a certain person or company on the Internet, if you lack judgment, it is easy to be led away by the public opinion. But if you usually read in-depth content, you will learn to think independently and will not blindly follow other people's opinions easily.

Reading sharpens thinking and improves judgment

Compared with entertaining content such as short videos, reading good books requires more mental effort. But it is this effortfully acquired information that is stored more firmly in our brains. Through reading, you can exercise your thinking ability and be able to see the essence of many things at a glance. When you see a public opinion, you will think about who the public opinion is good for, who is not good, who is likely to concoct the public opinion, and who can verify the authenticity of the public opinion, instead of blindly following the public opinion.

Reading gives you more choices

In addition to improving your thinking skills, reading also gives you more choices. For example, you can choose to go to college or not, but if you choose to go to college, you have more career options. In the same way, if you only listen to oral songs, then you will not be able to appreciate the beauty of classical music such as Bach and Mozart. But if you usually listen to classical music, then you can appreciate beauty in more dimensions. The same is true for reading. It can make you have a higher dimension and allow you to appreciate a wider world.

In this fast-paced era, we are easily attracted by all kinds of entertainment content, thus giving up thinking and learning. But reading good books can make us calm down, think deeply and understand the world. Through reading, we can improve our thinking ability and judgment, and have more choices. So, if you want to pursue higher and more exciting happiness, then please pick up a book and start reading!

The above is what I understand the meaning of reading. I hope this article can bring you some inspiration and thinking. If you are interested in reading or want to know more related content, please follow me. I will share more thoughts and experiences about reading from time to time. Thank you so much for reading and supporting!

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