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The tenacity and wisdom of independent developers: Hunting for opportunities in the unknown

Developed independently, there is a lonely and tenacious power behind this word. It is not just a career choice, but a way of life, an attitude of confidence and expectation for the future. On this long and boring road, how do independent developers find hope in despair? How do they resist the withdrawal reaction of monthly salary? Where does the courage to face zero income come from?

First of all, independent development requires a "big heart". This does not refer to the physical heart, but to the psychological endurance. When product data drops, users give negative reviews, or even face retaliation from other developers, indie developers must remain calm and optimistic. They know that there is no stable monthly salary or collaborative team on this road, only themselves and their products. Therefore, they must learn to find hope in despair and use every setback as motivation to move forward.

Independent development is not about farming and harvesting in the fall. Instead, it's more like going out hunting, returning with a full load if you're lucky, and hungry if you're not. Therefore, independent developers must practice their “hunting” skills and dare to enter the “jungle” late at night. What's more important is that they must laugh at all fluctuations and maintain a rational attitude no matter whether the data rises or falls. In this way, they can make the right product decisions without being dominated by emotions.

Indie developers are like hunters hunting in the forest, and every step is full of unknowns. They may encounter rewards, or they may fall into traps. But even in the face of such difficulties, they are still intoxicated. Because they know that there is something more important waiting for them here: that is creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

In order to improve their creativity and skills, independent developers silently record videos, write articles, and type code in the time that has not happened yet. Such a life may be boring, but they feel it is full of hope. Because they know that only by doing something they like can they devote themselves to it regardless of reward. And when they see the products they created being recognized by more people, the sense of accomplishment is beyond words.

Therefore, it is not a good thing for independent developers to pay too much attention to data. They should focus on the product and experience, and continue to demonstrate every small step forward. This can not only give you confidence, but also give users confidence. As long as you watch your products getting better little by little, everything will be full of hope.

However, everyone's energy is limited. If independent developers spend too much energy internally, they will have very limited energy to spend on products. Therefore, the best way to solve internal friction is to find the person or thing that makes you internally conflicted, and then let it disappear from your life. Keep high energy to do independent development and create your products, so that your products will have more vitality.

If you also want to become an independent developer, or want to learn more about independent development, then welcome to join our independent development community. Here, you can meet more like-minded people and discuss independent development topics, including discovering good ideas, building products, acquiring traffic, and monetizing products, etc. We believe that in this community, you can find your own independent development path.

In general, although independent development is full of challenges and unknowns, as long as you have a tough heart and a smart mind, you will definitely find your own opportunities in this "jungle". So, don’t be afraid of the unknown and challenges, take the first step bravely! Because your future is waiting for you ahead!

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