funnyCoder Issue 13 - Chatting with my colleague Li Bao about his thoughts after the big factory was laid off, self-media started again


From layoffs at large factories to rebirth in self-media, Li Bao’s transformation journey

Have you ever worried about layoffs in major factories? Have you ever thought about what would happen to you if you suddenly lost your job? Today, we invited Li Bao, a former Baidu employee and now a self-media person, to share his transformation journey.

Li Bao, a self-media person active on Bilibili, Douyin and other platforms, interprets the phenomenon of layoffs from a unique perspective and shares the lives of unemployed people. His story may give you some inspiration.

Back then, Li Bao spent several years of his career at Baidu. From e-commerce business to Baidu Health to the real estate business department, he has witnessed the rise and fall of multiple business departments of Baidu. However, with the abolition of the innovative business department, Li Bao also encountered a career crisis.

Faced with layoffs, Li Bao did not choose to sink. On the contrary, he saw the potential of the emerging industry of self-media and decided to join it. With the experience and connections accumulated in big factories, he started his own self-media journey.

In the field of self-media, Li Bao has attracted a large number of fans with his authentic and down-to-earth style. The content he shared included an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of layoffs and a concern for the lives of unemployed people. His videos always touch people's hearts and resonate with them.

So, what advice does Li Bao have for newcomers who want to enter the self-media industry? He believes that you must first clarify your positioning and characteristics and find the content direction that suits you. Secondly, we must continue to learn and continuously improve our professional qualities and creative abilities. Finally, maintain a positive attitude and never give up when faced with difficulties and setbacks.

Looking back at Li Bao's transformation journey, it is not difficult to find that layoffs are not the end, but a new starting point. As long as we face it bravely and make positive adjustments, we can always find our own piece of sky.

Now, more and more young people choose to join the self-media industry. Perhaps they were inspired by seniors like Li Bao. In the days to come, we look forward to seeing more outstanding self-media people emerge and use their voices and stories to influence more people.

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