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The counterattack life of Guo Xiaoli, the founder of Mubu: From a failed student to an entrepreneur in Beijing

Have you ever thought about how a rural child who failed the college entrance examination can counterattack step by step and become a successful entrepreneur? Today, what we are going to tell is such a story-the life experience of Guo Xiaoli, the founder of Curtain.

Guo Xiaoli, an ordinary rural child from Yongnian County, Handan, Hebei Province, is the second eldest child in his family, with an older brother and a younger sister. Growing up in such a competitive family environment, he learned to read people's emotions and empathize from an early age. When he was a child, Guo Xiaoli was not only sensible, but also very hardworking. He always took the initiative to help his family with the housework. However, his academic performance was not outstanding, and his college entrance examination scores could not even reach the university admission threshold.

Facing the trough of life, Guo Xiaoli did not choose to give up. He mustered up the courage to express his desire to continue schooling to his father, promising that this would be his last chance. He chose Handan's leading education and began his own counterattack. At Lingchuang, he relied on his hard work and talent to always be among the best from admission to graduation, and also served as class monitor and group leader.

During the one and a half years of leading the company, Guo Xiao learned skills in programming, design, networking, e-commerce, and more. These skills laid a solid foundation for his future entrepreneurial journey. After graduation, he resolutely embarked on the road of drifting to Beijing and started his career.

After several years of hard work, Guo Xiaoli finally founded Mubu, a popular software. His story has spread throughout the entrepreneurial community, inspiring more people like him to pursue their dreams.

So, how did Guo Xiaoli overcome many difficulties and achieve a counterattack in life? What can we learn from his success? Next, let’s dig into it.

First of all, Guo Xiaoli has a strong thirst for knowledge and ambition. Even after failing the college entrance examination, he did not give up his pursuit of knowledge, but chose to continue his studies. This desire for knowledge and attitude of continuous learning are the source of motivation for him to keep moving forward on the road of entrepreneurship.

Secondly, he dares to take risks and try things out. The road to Beidiao was full of unknowns and challenges, but Guo Xiaoli embarked on this road resolutely. It is this spirit of courage to try that allows him to constantly break through himself in the process of starting a business and achieve a magnificent transformation from a rural child to a successful entrepreneur.

Finally, Guo Xiaoli focuses on teamwork and leadership development. During his time at Leading Education, he served as class monitor and group leader, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills. This teamwork ability and leadership played an important role in his later entrepreneurial process, helping him lead the team to jointly face various challenges.

Guo Xiaoli’s story tells us: As long as you have dreams, courage and perseverance, life has unlimited possibilities. Let us draw strength from Guo Xiaoli’s experience and bravely pursue our dreams!

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