[Li Ziran said] What is it like to have poor talent?


Talent and hard work: The path to counterattack for those with less talent

Have you ever felt frustrated that your talents were inferior to others? Have you ever put in a lot of effort in a certain field, but still found it difficult to achieve your goals? Today, I want to talk to you about talent and how those with less talent can find their own way to counterattack.

Limitations and frustrations of talent

Talent, this word has a special meaning in the hearts of many people. Some people seem to be born with a certain ability, while others need to work harder to catch up. As a person with poor athletic talent, I know the hardships involved. I remember when I was in middle school, every physical education class was a torment. Seeing my classmates completing various actions easily while I always struggled clumsily, I almost felt overwhelmed by that frustration.

Skiing, a test of talent

Skiing is a sport that I have become passionate about in recent years. However, it also made me deeply experience the cruelty of talent. The first time I skied, I could barely stand up and struggled on the slopes all day. And when I saw my friends around me gliding easily, the feeling of disparity in my heart made me almost want to give up. But it was this experience that made me think: Does talent really determine everything?

Adjust your mentality and take your time

Faced with the limitations of my talent, I gradually learned to adjust my mentality. I've come to understand that everyone has their own rhythm and pace. Instead of blindly comparing and rushing for success, it is better to slow down and move forward steadily. I began to focus more on my practice process and no longer focused so much on the results. As time goes by, I find that my skiing skills are slowly improving.

Find your own position and advantages

Being less talented doesn’t mean there’s no way out. The key is to find the positioning and advantages that suit you. Just as I gradually found my niche as a coach in skiing, I also believe that everyone can find their own niche in their own field. Maybe we can't become top players, but as long as we keep loving it and keep working hard, we can shine in our own small world.

Understand others and cherish the role models around you

On the way to pursue our dreams, we will meet all kinds of people. Some people are gifted and have it all smooth sailing; others, like us, need a little more work to get ahead. However, it is these experiences that make us appreciate the role models around us even more. They may not be the best, but their persistence and hard work are worth learning and respecting.

Talent and cooperation at work

At work, talent is equally important. However, we also need to recognize the power of teamwork. Working with more talented people allows us to grow and improve faster. But at the same time, we should also find a work area and team atmosphere that suits us to ensure that we can maximize our potential.


Talent may determine our starting point, but hard work determines our end point. No matter what your talent is, as long as you keep loving it and working hard, you will definitely be able to find your own way to counterattack. Let us bravely chase our dreams together!

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