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What’s worth reading: Internet people’s treasure trove of book lists

Do you often fall into a sea of ​​books but feel at a loss as to which book is your "true love"? If you are an Internet person who loves reading and pursues knowledge, then the website "What's Worth Reading" may become your new favorite. Today, let us explore this mysterious treasure house created by Ove and dedicated to providing Internet users with valuable book lists!

Explore the world of book lists

The slogan of "What's Worth Reading" is "Internet People's Book List Library". All kinds of book lists are gathered here, as if there are gold mines of knowledge waiting for you to mine. Whether you are interested in books recommended by celebrities, looking for high-scoring book lists on Zhihu or Douban, or want to delve into a certain professional field, such as product operations, graphic design, etc., "What is Worth Reading" is here Can meet your needs.

Freshly released book list updates

Every week, "What's Worth Reading" will update the latest book list content to keep the content current and fresh. At the same time, their WeChat official account will also push high-quality book list recommendations every day, so that you can get the latest reading information anytime and anywhere. Here, you don’t have to worry about finding good books to read.

Dig deeper, not just a book list

In addition to rich book list resources, "What's Worth Reading" also has columns and video interpretation sections. In the columns, you can read Ove's in-depth articles on entrepreneurship, reading, and growth thinking, and share valuable resources and tools. The video interpretation section provides you with a new way of reading - quickly understanding the essence of a book through short videos. This novel reading method undoubtedly provides a more convenient way for busy Internet users to learn.

Membership plan, an opportunity for in-depth communication

If you like what’s worth reading and want even more exclusive benefits, then consider joining their membership program. After becoming a member, you can view paid column content, join exclusive WeChat groups, participate in online reading clubs, etc., and communicate and learn with more like-minded friends. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one communication with Ove and share his entrepreneurial thoughts and experiences.

The technical threshold is not high, but the content is unique

Although the technical threshold of the "What's Worth Reading" website is not high and it adopts the common WordPress construction method, its care and investment in the content are obvious. They adhere to the principle of letting readers gain something, continue to update original content and maintain the value and depth of the content. This kind of awe for knowledge and respect for readers can't help but respect this website.

Finally, if you also like reading and are eager to find good books that suit you, then you might as well visit the "What's Worth Reading" website to take a look! I believe you will be able to find your own ocean of knowledge here. At the same time, you are also welcome to like, comment, and forward to support their work so that more people can benefit from this precious book list!

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