Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 92): Create a gadget with annual revenue of $3.5 million and sell it for more than 10 million


From zero to 3.5 million and then to 15 million: the miracle of monetization of gadgets

In the digital world, some people use innovative ideas and tenacious execution to create remarkable success stories. TBOLOUIS (Lucas) is such an entrepreneur. His gadgets not only achieved annual revenue from zero to 3.5 million US dollars, but also sold them for 10 million to 15 million US dollars, becoming a leader among entrepreneurs.

Test your edge for the first time, find your direction through twists and turns

Lucas' entrepreneurial journey has not been smooth sailing. After meeting co-founder Thomas Jokson, they launched their first company, Past Eight, focused on motivating kids to do chores through apps. However, as novice entrepreneurs, they made many mistakes and the company did not scale as expected. After a fair sale, Lucas didn't give up and created Dreams, an educational game designed to let people explore programming through a fun gaming experience. Despite raising money and building a team, the company failed to generate revenue and eventually went bankrupt.

Fight back, small tools make big things happen

Failure did not discourage Lucas. He joined forces with Thomas again and founded Pony Express in early 2021, deciding to develop new products every week until he found a successful direction. After intense challenges and many attempts, they finally developed Twitter Hunter - a simple search bar that can retrieve viral Tweets. The product's potential was quickly proven, and they developed it into a full Twitter tool that helps users build their brands by identifying viral tweets.

Validation is king, sales is second

Lucas emphasized that in the process of starting a business, they learned the importance of balancing verification and sales. They no longer blindly believe that their ideas are great, but first verify market feedback. This shift in strategy allowed them to achieve rapid product growth in just a few months. Additionally, they realize that hiring needs to happen after the product meets market demand to avoid overburdening the team during the discovery phase.

Go with the flow and success will follow

Lucas believes that being in the right place at the right time and going with the flow is one of the key factors to success. They have successfully attracted a large number of users by partnering with creators on social media platforms. In addition, they created a series of small and free tools to promote their main products, a unique marketing strategy that makes them stand out among many entrepreneurs.

Advice for entrepreneurs

For those who want to start their own entrepreneurial journey, Lucas recommends starting with the first idea you like. Don't wait for the so-called "great idea", but continue to optimize and improve your own ideas through practice and experience accumulation. He encouraged everyone to take the first step bravely because it is the most important step to achieve progress and success.


Lucas’ entrepreneurial story was full of twists and turns, but he never gave up on his dream. Through constant trying, learning and optimization, he finally found the password to success. His story inspires every entrepreneur with dreams to bravely pursue their goals in the digital world. If you also want to make your own small monetization product, you may wish to follow and send a private message to Lucas to learn more about the small product monetization training camp. Maybe the next success story will be yours!

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