Independent developer digital nomad, founder of Nomadlist, only 4 of more than 70 projects were successful, and annual income is more than 3 million US dollars!


He, the ceiling of the digital nomad world - Peter Levels’ secret to success

Have you ever dreamed of traveling freely around the world while earning a decent income? Peter Levels is such an enviable digital nomad. He single-handedly built a number of successful products without any financing, earning a monthly income of more than $200,000. So, how did he do it?

Create a variety of popular products to achieve financial freedom

Peter Levels' success did not happen overnight, but stemmed from his spirit of constantly trying and launching new products. He has created many popular products such as Remote, Nomad List, Photo AI and Interior AI. These products have not only brought him huge income, but also won widespread praise from users around the world. Among them, Remote is one of the most popular remote working platforms in the world, facilitating the cooperation of a large number of positions and workers every day; while Nomad List helps digital nomads around the world find the city that best suits them, providing comprehensive city information and life guides.

Keep trying and climb to the top

Although Peter Levels' life seems glamorous now, he has also experienced downturns on the road to success. For a period of time after graduating from college, his monthly income was only a few hundred dollars, and sometimes he could barely pay the rent. However, he did not give up, but chose to face the difficulties bravely. He launched a challenge to release 12 products in 12 months, and through continuous trying and learning, he finally realized his dream.

Discover pain points and solve problems

One of the secrets of Peter Levels' success is that he is good at discovering pain points around him and solving them. Many of his products were born based on this concept. For example, the Nomad List he originally created was just a simple Google Doc form to record the network speed, traffic and other information he encountered while traveling around the country. When he shared this form online and forgot to turn off editing permissions, he unexpectedly found that many people had added information they knew on it. This unexpected discovery ultimately led to the birth of Nomad List.

Stay sensitive to life and discover opportunities

After working in a large factory for a long time, many people may gradually lose their sensitivity to life. However, Peter Levels has always maintained a keen heart. He carefully observes everything around him and constantly discovers areas worth improving and potential business opportunities. It is this love for life and keen observation that allow him to continuously create successful products.

Don’t bury yourself in work and lose your eyes to observe life

Finally, Peter Levels’ story tells us: Don’t lose your eyes to observe life because you are immersed in work. Success is often hidden in the details around us. Only by discovering and solving problems with heart can we achieve real success. So, let us slow down together, experience life with our hearts, and discover those overlooked opportunities!

In short, Peter Levels' success is not accidental, but stems from his spirit of constantly trying and climbing to the top and his ability to discover pain points and opportunities around him. If we can observe life as carefully as he did and pursue our dreams bravely, then success may be waiting for us around the next corner.

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