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Browser extension development: Master MV3 and start making money on the side

Have you ever thought that those seemingly inconspicuous little plug-ins in your browser actually have huge commercial value hidden behind them? As a developer, do you also want to use your own technology to develop browser extensions that are both practical and profitable? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because I will reveal a whole new world to you.

First, let's talk about the market prospects of browser extensions. With the popularity of the Internet and people's increasing demand for personalization, browser extensions have become a huge market. From those successful extensions, we can see that the potential of this market is huge. However, many people do not realize this and miss this great opportunity to make money.

Now, the chrome browser extension has released the latest manifest v3 standard (MV3 for short). This means that developers need to use the latest MV3 standard to develop browser extensions. For those developers who are still using the older version of the MV2 standard, now is the time to upgrade your skills. Because starting from 2023, the MV2 version of the extension will not run on the Chrome browser.

So, why should you choose to learn browser extension development? In addition to mastering a new technology, more importantly, you can improve your efficiency by developing extension plug-ins and create your own handy tool. More importantly, you can also build your extension into a profitable product and achieve the goal of monetizing your side business.

In order to help everyone better master browser extension plug-in development technology, I specially compiled a new set of video courses. This course starts with basic knowledge and introduces in detail the core technology, development and debugging, packaging and release of browser extensions. At the same time, the course also provides a large number of source code examples and practical cases, allowing you to learn by doing and quickly master this technology.

Different from other courses, this course of mine is based on the MV3 standard. This means that what you learn will be the latest technology and the most practical knowledge. Whether you are a developer with a certain foundation or a beginner interested in browser extensions, you can gain something from this set of courses.

Now is the perfect time to learn browser extension development. Because during this special period, you can use your time at home to learn a new technology and open a new window. So, don’t hesitate any longer and act now! Scan the QR code on the screen or click the link below to start your learning journey immediately. Believe me, when you master this technology, you will definitely be able to create your own money-making machine!

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