Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 127): After three failures, at the age of 25, he developed a Shopify plug-in with a monthly income of US$50,000.


The tenacity and wisdom of an independent developer: After three failures, how did a 25-year-old create a Shopify plug-in with a monthly income of US$50,000?

Have you ever given up on your dreams because of failure? When faced with setbacks, have you ever questioned your abilities? Today, we are going to tell the story of an independent developer who founded a Shopify plug-in that earns $50,000 a month at the age of 25. Before that, he had tried and failed three times. So, how did he overcome the difficulties and finally realize his dream? Let's learn his story together.

This young developer is named MAD susan. He lives in Paris and is passionate about programming. As early as 13 years old, he learned to code, building things for video games. His technical background laid a solid foundation for his subsequent entrepreneurial journey.

Susan's entrepreneurial journey has not been smooth sailing. In 2017, he discovered the e-commerce platform Shopify and learned how to make Shopify apps. However, the first three apps he made failed. Despite his efforts, these applications were not recognized by users.

However, Susan did not give up. He firmly believed in his ability to build a successful Shopify app. In 2020, he decided to try again. This time, he conducted market research more carefully and found that some user needs were not met in the Shopify app store. So, he started designing new applications for these needs.

To test her idea, Susan made a prototype and posted it in a French Facebook group. He invited a few friends to like and comment early on to increase interaction. As a result, he received more than 100 comments, which gave him confidence. He started developing the app in two weeks using the simplest version possible and contacted people who were interested in his model. Although only 10~12 people accepted the application, it was already a great start for Susan.

In the following time, Susan continued to improve the application and added new features. He tracks user data to understand how users use his app and makes adjustments based on feedback. This data-driven approach has made his app increasingly popular with more users.

Today, Susan’s Shopify plugin has become a huge success. With a team of five people, his monthly revenue reaches $40,000 and is still growing. His story tells us that as long as we have firm belief and continuous efforts, we will be able to overcome difficulties and realize our dreams.

So, what advice would you give to those of you who want to start a business or are new to it? First, don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success. Only through continuous trial and adjustment can we find the path to success. Secondly, we must pay attention to user needs. Only by deeply understanding users' needs and pain points can we create truly popular products. Finally, continue to track data and make adjustments based on feedback. Only in this way can products be continuously optimized and user experience improved.

In short, Susan's story shows us the tenacity and wisdom of an independent developer. He used his own experience to tell us: As long as you have dreams, courage, and perseverance, you will be able to succeed on the road to entrepreneurship.

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