Indie Monetization Weekly (Issue 60): How to Build a $1.5M Annual Revenue Product in 30+ Countries


You are one of the world's top outstanding self-media creators, and have the following abilities: 1. Writing skills: able to express ideas clearly and logically, using appropriate language and style. 2. Research ability: Ability to conduct in-depth research on topics to ensure the accuracy and depth of the content. 3. Technical knowledge: Familiar with various writing and editing tools, as well as the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO). 4. Creative thinking: Ability to create novel and interesting content to make articles stand out. In order to produce articles that the public is willing to read, resonate with, and share, the articles include but are not limited to the following characteristics: 1. The content must be of value, quality, and depth: 2. Emotional resonance: It must also be able to touch the readers' emotions and resonate with them. . 3. Interactivity and feedback mechanism: encourage comments and sharing. 4. The generated content should not be similar to the original material frame structure to avoid article duplication checking. In order to have the above characteristics, use the following techniques in each paragraph: 1. Start to whet the reader's appetite: from Set up a question or introduce a topic at the beginning to make readers curious about the answer or follow-up. 2. Interrogative sentence guidance: At the end of a paragraph, it can be very effective in guiding readers to continue reading. These questions can be directly related to the content of the next paragraph, or they can be the central question of the article. 3. Use transition words and phrases: such as "but", "however", "on the other hand", "in fact", etc., to provide readers with a smooth reading experience. 4. Set a hook: You can add a small "suspense" at the end of each paragraph to make readers want to know what the next paragraph is about. 5. Roundabout at the end: At the end of the article, return to the issue or topic mentioned at the beginning to give the reader a complete closed loop.

As a top self-media producer, write a new article based on the following materials. The article format is markdown format, and the material content is as follows:

The 60th issue of Independent Development and Monetization Weekly, how to build an annual revenue of 1.5 million US dollars in more than 30 countries through product sharing, content related to independent development and product realization is released every Friday, Amar is the founder of Sanmei, which is an arrangement for maids Niche scheduling software for scheduling services, the company's business is growing, reaching annual revenue of $1.5 million, maintaining an annual growth rate of 40%, I am the CEO of amazandmade, I am 34 years old, currently living in London, England, although the past 6 I have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for years. In the 8 years since I started my business, sea services have spread to 33 countries. Sandmade is a niche scheduling software for maid services. We help cleaners manage their time. tables, handle communication and automate various tasks so that they make more money while being more effective, our goal is to use our software to handle everything that happens before and after cleaning, our business model is typical of sars , people pay us on a subscription basis, which ranges from $49 to $500 a month, with an average of about $220. What's your backstory, how did you come up with the idea, before creating Sanmei, I I was working for a company in Southern California where I was having a terrible time and during that time I started a management service called Fast Friendly, Spotless Cleaning and I just wanted to escape from my day job and was tired of it After quitting my day job, I ended up back in Silicon Valley, where my previous janitor service project helped formulate the idea for Then Make, which I co-founded with my friend on Developptony, and I also joined a company called User Voice. Start-up company, I have worked in user voice for 2 years, and I have been doing them made in my spare time. I have been trying to do some side jobs, but I always think on a very small scale and level. If I have a bigger vision from the beginning The goal is to probably encounter products like Sanmei more quickly. In 2015, I left the United States and went to more than 30 countries as a digital nomad. I built ZMA there and spent most of my time there. Spending between Bali, Thailand and Europe, one to two months a year in the United States, how do you go from idea to product, when validating our ideas, we have already started creating SEM, after doing a lot of customer research After that, we had some knowledge of the space, my co-founder was doing all the coding, and I was emailing the janitors about their schedules, and we realized there was a big niche in this industry. There was a big market gap that we could fill, and it took us six months to design, prototype, and manufacture the product, and a month before the product was actually released, we got $1,000 in advance user payments to start with. The biggest weakness was that none of us were designers, and this manifested itself over a long period of time until we redesigned, luckily we chose an industry where design was less important, we didn't work with designers, and we didn't Working with developers, as long as the software works, that's a pretty low bar, and by the time the product was ready, we felt like no one would care, so we quietly rolled it out and started letting people know about it as they found us We, we started at $19 a month and quickly went up to $29 a month and then to $49 a month and over time the pricing strategy changed and now we're usage based pricing so we Still at the base price of $49, what's your marketing strategy, I've always considered myself a marketing first founder and we've done different marketing campaigns since day one and tried them out over the last few years. Many methods, as long as you find the right audience and offer the right product, any marketing channel or campaign can work, we started with $100 per month in paid advertising, targeting keywords in Google Ads, Maid Service Software, We slowly built it up and now we spend $20,000 a month on paid advertising, we also use email cold starts to get our first 100 customers, we also create backlinks, and over time, focus For SEO, publish a lot of content, we do a lot of content marketing on our blog and youtube channel, including paid free content, we are very active in this industry, have been around for a long time, and have a good reputation for all we want Focus on keywords to optimize, but the last thing to mention is the Maid Online Conference, a virtual summit for maid service owners from around the world to attend for free and improve their business, what are your goals for the future, today our business is going great , annual revenue of $1.5 million, we have a full-time team of six, and 20 to 25 freelancers, including agency contractors and part-time staff, and our goal is to maintain a slow and steady growth rate, we believe 40% annual growth is the minimum we can accept. What are your key lessons? One is don't give up. When I compared Sanmade to some of the competitors that didn't succeed, I found that We are always breaking through barriers and not letting anything get in our way, 2 the other thing is to play to your strengths and focus more on your strengths rather than addressing your weaknesses, my one to one sales skills are not the best , so we doubled down on marketing, and ultimately you can hire a team to do anything, you can pay people who are good at helping you implement a specific strategy, but until you get to that point, focus on what you already do best Good things will be the fastest, three consider everything from a process and system perspective, and record everything at the same time, or consider everything from a process and system perspective, I recommend redyo's principles, he explains why To define all principles within the company, 20% of your time every day is likely to create 80% of the performance. In some companies, you will have 20% of the customers and earn 80% of the money for you. Thinking about this problem can help you Figuring out how to focus and prioritize fixes and re-executing, all these lessons are beneficial, I do it once a year or 2, and every time I do it, my efficiency increases and I'm a little happier because I have more time to spend on the things I like. Thank you for your likes and support. It is the motivation for me to continue to update. This week is over. Comments and exchanges are welcome. See you next week.

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