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From independent development to self-media monetization: a developer’s real experience sharing

Hello everyone, my name is Ove, an independent developer. Today, I want to talk to you about my self-media monetization journey. I hope my experience can inspire you.

Three years ago, I created a website called "Worth Reading" with the original intention of sharing a list of books that I thought were valuable. At that time, I didn’t think about the changes this website would bring to me. I just loved reading and sharing. However, with the continuous updating of SEO research and content, I gradually realized that this website has the potential to become an independent product for me.

Over the past three years, I’ve written thousands of articles, constantly optimized my website, and learned how to get traffic. This process was long and arduous, but fortunately, in 2023, my website finally saw rapid growth in traffic. By ranking on Google and posting promotional videos on Bilibili, I successfully attracted a large number of visitors.

The increase in traffic has brought me opportunities to monetize. I started to earn some advertising revenue by placing Google ads and Wanwei ads on my website. At the same time, I also discovered a user demand: e-book downloads. So, I created an e-book download navigation to provide access services through the official account, and successfully diverted some traffic to the official account. Currently, my official account has more than 40,000 fans, which has become another important monetization channel for me.

During this process, I deeply realized an important principle for developing products independently: do it around your own interests. Only if you truly love your product can you continue to invest time and energy in optimizing it and promoting it. At the same time, I also understood the importance of thinking from the user's perspective. Only by providing content and services that users really need can you gain their attention and recognition.

I have a few suggestions for friends who want to start their own self-media monetization journey. First, find an area that you are really passionate about and study it in depth; second, learn and master the techniques and methods to obtain traffic; finally, keep trying and optimizing your monetization methods. Remember, monetization is not an easy thing, but as long as you persist and continue to learn and improve, you will be able to find your own path to success.

In addition, I also want to emphasize the importance of continuous learning and accumulation. In this process, I will be exposed to a variety of knowledge and skills such as website building, content creation, SEO optimization, etc. This knowledge and skills not only help me operate my products better but also allow me to continuously expand my horizons and knowledge. At the same time, I will also meet many creative friends and webmasters and learn many valuable experiences and inspirations from them.

Overall, my self-media monetization journey has been full of challenges and opportunities. Through my own efforts and continuous learning, I have successfully turned small ideas into reality and gained considerable profits. If you also want to start your own self-media monetization journey, you might as well start now to find the field you are passionate about and take the first step bravely!

I am an independent developer in Ovi. Thank you for your attention and support! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. See you next time! Bye-Bye!

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