Independent Development and Monetization Weekly (Issue 80): The Notion page was converted into a website customer service widget, with a monthly income of 5K US dollars.


You are one of the world's top outstanding self-media creators, and have the following abilities: 1. Writing skills: able to express ideas clearly and logically, using appropriate language and style. 2. Research ability: Ability to conduct in-depth research on topics to ensure the accuracy and depth of the content. 3. Technical knowledge: Familiar with various writing and editing tools, as well as the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO). 4. Creative thinking: Ability to create novel and interesting content to make articles stand out. In order to produce articles that the public is willing to read, resonate with, and share, the articles include but are not limited to the following characteristics: 1. The content must be of value, quality, and depth: 2. Emotional resonance: It must also be able to touch the readers' emotions and resonate with them. . 3. Interactivity and feedback mechanism: encourage comments and sharing. 4. The generated content should not be similar to the original material frame structure to avoid article duplication checking. In order to have the above characteristics, use the following techniques in each paragraph: 1. Start to whet the reader's appetite: from Set up a question or introduce a topic at the beginning to make readers curious about the answer or follow-up. 2. Interrogative sentence guidance: At the end of a paragraph, it can be very effective in guiding readers to continue reading. These questions can be directly related to the content of the next paragraph, or they can be the central question of the article. 3. Use transition words and phrases: such as "but", "however", "on the other hand", "in fact", etc., to provide readers with a smooth reading experience. 4. Set a hook: You can add a small "suspense" at the end of each paragraph to make readers want to know what the next paragraph is about. 5. Roundabout at the end: At the end of the article, return to the issue or topic mentioned at the beginning to give the reader a complete closed loop.

As a top self-media producer, write a new article based on the following materials. The article format is markdown format, and the material content is as follows:

Convert the notice page into a customer service widget, with a monthly income of 5k US dollars, released every Friday, produced by, Hello everyone, my name is so, and the most successful product I have spent most of my time researching is called healthkit. Notion page turns into a professional knowledge base, help pit is the perfect tool to create a knowledge base, help center or documentation page in the shortest possible time. You can write help articles in notion and the help kit will take care of the rest. Works, you can also embed a widget on your website to provide embedded customer support on the website, help kate is also fully customizable, has analytics and third party integrations and is optimized, seal is the search engine, it's easy Found your site, help kid is now making $5k a month, so I'm very grateful to be able to create a valuable small company while being able to work from anywhere, how did you come up with this idea, before creating help pick, I was developing Some mobile apps and another source product, whenever I develop a new product I find myself in need of a service tool, dealing with customer support can become a huge time investment, plus customers like to get answers to their questions immediately , instead of having to wait hours or days for a response, at the same time, I realized that I had documented my entire business in the notice, and you know what, I suddenly realized if I could write my help in the notice articles, then expose them to a website that looks like a proper professional knowledge base so that I can easily customize and share it with clients about the design prototyping and manufacturing process of the first product, and surprisingly, Get your first customers for your sars just by the process of sharing it openly, no paid advertising, no crazy growth techniques, just honestly sharing the story you created, I didn't immediately put this idea into action because I've learned from previous failed projects that every idea that feels great at first may not be the best choice in the end, and the idea is to keep the idea in my head for another month or two. , if I still think the idea is worth pursuing, I will give it a try. Two months have passed and I have been thinking about this question. What if all customer support is written in the notice, and most business documents are kept here? , that would be great, plus it would be easy for employees to come in and help write content, which seemed like a value add, so I decided to give it a try, but without actually making the product, I wanted to validate the idea before making it, and I used figma created some mockups of what the product would look like and then quickly created a landing page to test if anyone would be interested in building a help center using notification and purchasing it, and in July 2021 I tweeted about it to my 300 followers This page, I didn't have high expectations considering my follower count was very low at the time, but luckily members of the notion community became interested and gained 100 followers overnight, which I promised myself, If I get ten pre-orders, I make the product, but no one pre-orders the whole week, I keep posting and sharing updates, and finally the following week, I get the first two pre-orders, and another week goes by , but unfortunately there were no new bookings, I was a little skeptical at first, but then one day I saw this amazing email, the sender noticed help kid, and liked him, the email was very long, I spent more than ten Minutes to read it, there was so much advice and support, even though I didn't reach my goal of ten points, the value of this email exceeded that number, and this was someone I didn't know, who believed that help kate had a lot to offer Huge potential, so I decided to go all out and build the first MVP within 30 days. Describe the process of starting the business. When helpted was officially released, I had already started sharing the public build and shared dozens of tweets. , documented my process of building the MVP, and released all the data about help kid with full transparency, which helped me a lot when I announced the first fully operational MVP and revamped landing page on Twitter, which ultimately attracted Got your first registered users, it's amazing how you got your first customers just by sharing the process of building it publicly, no paid ads, no crazy growth tricks, just honestly sharing what the story of your creation process is, To effectively attract and retain customers, two completely different strategies were very effective for me in the early days. Two articles I published on indie hackers entered the top milestone, newsletter and top stories sections on the homepage of the website. The second one was What I mean by Engineering & Marketing, the idea is simple, create free useful tools for target users, until two months ago there was no notion of a simple diagram, soon I discovered a way to do it using mathematical equations and latex notation To create nice looking simple tables, creating latex code from scratch is a very tedious and boring task, so I decided to build a simple and free table generator so that notion users can easily generate their tables, in the notion community , there is no simple chart that can solve this well-known problem, I call it notification simple table, so that I can benefit from other people's sal, because it is already there, and it is the keyword that people are searching for, except viewers on twitter, I also made a short explanation video and went looking for users of the notion community, I gave the article a name, how to create a simple table in notion, and then the community started liking him , giving people tools they really want is a great feeling, you wouldn't believe how many I've received, pick a product in a growing niche, creative, capitalize on the organic growth of that niche To grow your product, have you learned anything particularly useful or beneficial through starting a business, pick a growing niche, he told me last year when I was in Lisbon and on a boat trip in growing niches On the concept of making something, making something in a declining or stagnant interest market, his point is that creating a successful product doesn't have to be incredibly difficult to develop a product in a category that is naturally difficult to market, which is a short His ten-minute talk completely changed the way I think about finding business ideas and developing products. What he meant was that you should pick a product idea that is in a growing niche and use the organic growth of that niche to grow. Your product, imagine it's like you're sailing with the wind in your favor, pushing you toward your goal, not away from it, and I think it's important for founders to start building on top of an existing ecosystem to create a successful Business is a good start and is worth the risk, be honest and completely transparent about the risk, don't target early customers who are too hard working, don't want to spend money, and are not interested in working with a startup, they actually have no problem, just Feel like you may have problems in the future, you need a routine and stick to it for a long time, create your routine, admit to some temporary sacrifices, and stick to it, I am sure you will succeed and finally make going to the gym yours Work, as a founder, is demanding, both physically and mentally. I can’t stress enough how exercise has helped me maintain a healthy balance. You should choose a product idea in a growing niche. , and use the growth of this niche to grow your product, imagine it's like you're sailing with the wind in your favor, pushing you towards your goal, not away from it, follow to get the latest updates, Like is my ongoing The driving force for renewal is all questions, and everything you do is the answer. Stand still, and you will always be the audience. This week is over. See you next week.

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