5 truths about love that I regret not understanding sooner


Five truths about love: Why I regret not realizing it sooner

Have you ever stumbled on the road of love, constantly chasing that emotion that seems within reach but just out of reach? Today, I want to share with you five profound truths about love that I’ve learned from my life, especially the two months I spent traveling, working, and loving in Sri Lanka. These are lessons I wish I had learned sooner.

Truth 1: Love is an art that needs to be learned

We often mistakenly believe that love is an innate instinct, but this is not the case. Love requires us to continue to learn and explore. We need to learn to love the way the other person wants, not just our own way. Imagine how many people are lost in love, including our parents, who may not really know how to love. This may be why some of us experience trauma in childhood and develop trust issues.

Truth 2: When faced with troubles in intimate relationships, self-rescue is the key

If you are having problems in your relationship, don't expect someone to come and save you. It is your responsibility to deal with trauma and distress. Of course, the right person will give you compassion, patience, understanding, and space so you can better face your problems. But remember, real change and growth come from within yourself.

Truth 3: Love is more than just emotional dependence

We often view love as an emotional dependence and believe that we are complete only when we are with the other person. However, true love is not like this. In addition to emotional attachment, we need to build relationships of trust, respect, communication, and honesty with each other. These elements are as important as love. When we love someone, we should love them for who they really are, not the ideal image we have in mind. Don’t try to change the other person so they fit into your idea of ​​a “perfect partner.” This approach is not true love.

Truth 4: The true meaning of love lies in giving

We often think of love as a need, a desire for response and attention from the other person. However, true love is a kind of giving. When we love someone, we should devote ourselves wholeheartedly to their happiness and growth. This kind of love is selfless and great.

Truth 5: Cherish the moment and love every moment

We often ignore the beauty of the present in pursuit of future happiness. However, true love is around us every moment. When we spend time with our loved ones, we should be fully present and feel each other's presence and warmth. Only with this kind of love can we cherish every moment and make life more fulfilling and beautiful.

Looking back on my past experiences, I realize how important these five truths about love are. They help me understand the true meaning and meaning of love more and cherish every feeling in front of me more. I hope these sharings can inspire you and make you more determined and mature on the road to love. Finally, what I want to say is: Cherish the people in front of you, cherish every moment of getting along with each other, and let love become the eternal warm light in our lives.

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