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From teacher to website renovator: Will Williams’ entrepreneurial journey

Each week, I bring you an inspiring success story that breaks down the experiences of entrepreneurs who are building their online businesses. How did they make the leap from mundane traditional jobs to today’s digital careers? These stories are not only entertaining but also enlightening. Today we’re spotlighting Will Williams, a former teacher turned full-time website revamper. So, what is a website renovation? How did it become an entrepreneurial act?

Website renovations, similar to renovation projects in real estate, but take place in the digital world. It involves purchasing low-value websites with the potential to increase in value, optimizing the design, content, user experience and search engine rankings of these websites, and ultimately selling them at a higher price after the website value increases. This process requires entrepreneurs to have skills in market analysis, website development and design, content creation, and online marketing.

Will Williams' story is full of twists and opportunities. In 2017, he was a teacher in Liverpool with 10 years of teaching experience. However, he was not satisfied with traditional education methods and began to try to provide face-to-face group training in his spare time. After a year, he decided to devote himself full-time to the business and spent the next two years gradually growing his impact by leading training sessions across the UK.

As the business grew, Will built a website and added a blog to attract more traffic. But the coronavirus outbreak has dealt a huge blow to his in-person training sessions. Faced with the challenge, Will quickly adapted and began producing and selling online training videos while continuing to optimize his blog and successfully increase website traffic.

After a few years of hard work, Will's website began monetizing revenue, primarily through advertising and digital products. While running multiple websites, he made an unexpected decision: to sell his educational website. At the end of 2022, he successfully sold the website for about $160,000, which was about 30 times his average monthly income.

This successful deal made Will even more determined to become a full-time website renovator. He purchased and optimized multiple websites, some of which sold for far more than he expected. His approach is unique and successful: he focuses on buying websites with existing traffic, optimizing and improving monetization, and ultimately selling them at a high price.

Will's story is not just a case study in success, but a practical demonstration of courage and determination. He proves that with the right skills and determination, anyone can create value and realize their dreams in the digital world, even if starting from scratch. Now, Will is working on his new website, Free Perfect, hoping to make it a resource for information about website renovations.

So, are you ready to follow in Will’s footsteps and start your own website renovation journey? No matter your background, remember: in the digital world, opportunities are always reserved for those who dare to try, keep learning and improving. Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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