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The journey of an independent developer: GBNVI and my monthly income of 30K

Developing independently is a path that is both challenging and potentially hugely rewarding. Today, I want to share the journey of an independent developer who earns a steady income of 30K per month with an AI website. You may have heard of this website, it is GBNVI, a star project in the open source world.

The rise of GBNVI and the mystery of income

GBNVI currently has 62K stars and is one of the most popular AI question and answer front-end projects among open source projects. But you know what? Although it has more than 6,000 users, it generates only 30K monthly revenue. This means that the average user only contributes about five yuan per month. After deducting the monthly cloud service expenditure of 700, the actual income is very little. So, how does this developer keep going?

Technology selection and rewriting journey

Project success depends on appropriate technology selection. GBNVI has undergone one rewrite. The first rewrite used a combination of MONGODB database and front-end Next.js framework. The non-relational features of MONGODB make data storage more flexible, while Next.js provides powerful full-stack development capabilities. This rewrite gave the project a new lease of life and brought 25K in revenue to the developers.

However, the developers are not satisfied with this. He carried out a second reconstruction, which was more intensive than the first. This time, he still chose the front-end framework, but the back-end took all, and the UI component library chose his own open source ab station UI. In addition, he also introduced the IM tool PUA as a relational mapping tool for the database, and the REDIS storage solution for data platforms such as Upset. The application of these technologies has transformed GBNVI from a training project into a real product.

Deployment plan and operation strategy

In terms of deployment, developers use the VC platform for continuous integration and automatic construction. After submitting the project to GITHUB, you only need to fill in the corresponding environment variables and click deploy. This approach greatly improves development efficiency and deployment convenience.

In terms of operations, developers focus on interaction and feedback mechanisms with users. He verifies user login and other logic through email, and uses next-auth.js to implement web authentication. At the same time, he also uses Bad Stack to monitor the running status of the website to ensure that users can access it smoothly. In terms of payment system, he connected i am crazy and Blue Rabbit payment respectively according to the different needs of domestic and foreign markets. Finally, the domain name of the website was purchased through Tencent Cloud, which laid the foundation for building the brand image.

Conclusion: Persistence and gains of independent developers

Looking back at the journey of this independent developer, we can't help but be impressed by his persistence and courage. Although his income was not high, he still chose this challenging path and used his technology and wisdom to build GBNVI into a successful open source project. His story tells us: As long as you have dreams and persistence, independent development can make a career. If you also want to become an independent developer, you might as well draw inspiration and motivation from his experience!

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