I didn’t want to go to work, so I decided to open my own company and work remotely


Exploring the new realm of remote working: ideal working models and practices

Have you ever dreamed of a work model where all employees work remotely, choose their own work content, and don’t have to face boring meetings and endless overtime? Today, I want to share a new model of remote working that I am practicing and how I make it a reality.

From being tired of traditional work to starting a journey of remote working

Four years ago, I decided to quit my job because I was tired of the day-to-day work life. Three years later, because I didn’t like being assigned work by others, I decided to start my own company and explore a new working model. Two months ago, I launched a remote cooperation project and invited 16 like-minded partners to explore a new realm of remote working.

ideal working mode

The ideal company in my mind is like this: all employees work remotely, working hours can be arranged freely, and only the quality of work is valued rather than the duration. There is no hierarchy here, everyone works for themselves. I envision a company that is not just a workplace, but a school that helps employees develop their potential and encourages innovation and change.

Remote working cooperation in practice

To implement this philosophy, I launched a marketing training program. Participants can learn skills related to digital marketing and online business while participating in project execution. This model not only allowed participants to gain valuable practical experience, but also provided me with the opportunity to manage remote teams.

Challenges and experiences of remote working

After a month of practice, I deeply understand the requirements of remote working on individuals and teams. First of all, individuals need to have a high degree of autonomous working ability and communication skills, as well as the ability to skillfully use online work platforms. Secondly, the team needs to pursue efficiency, design standardized processes, and select people who can work independently.

Looking ahead: Digital nomads and the new trend of remote working

I believe that in the future, the traditional work model will gradually be replaced by remote working and digital nomads. Everyone can be their own boss and find work-life balance on a global scale. In order to achieve this goal, we need to constantly explore and practice new working models, and we also need to use various tools and platforms to improve work efficiency and collaboration capabilities.

Conclusion: Start your remote working journey

If you are also interested in remote working, you may wish to join us and explore new working models and lifestyles together. Whether you want to become a digital nomad or want to build your own remote team, there is a stage for you here. Let us start a new chapter of remote working together!

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