Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 59): The story of Habitify, a habit tracking app, from 0 to $21,000 in monthly income in 6 months


From Zero to Hero: The Rise of Happy TV and the Wisdom of Independent Developers

Have you ever wondered how a habit tracking app jumped from zero revenue to $21,000 per month in just six months? Let us uncover the mystery of happy TV and explore the growth strategy and marketing wisdom behind it.

happy TV, a multi-platform app designed to help users develop good habits and focus on the important things in life. When Allen, its head of growth, joined, the app was only a year old and the marketing world was still a blank slate. However, with his efforts and strategies, happy TV gradually emerged and became a powerful assistant in people's lives.

So, what drives happy TV’s success? The story starts with its co-founder Peter. Peter is an IOS developer who once achieved high salary and status in the workplace, but he always has a dream: to use his skills to improve people's lives. So, he resolutely resigned and began to look for inspiration for his new career. After months of exploration and market research, Peter discovered a niche and decided to create a habit tracking app to help people improve their lives. This is the original intention of happy TV.

In the early days of happy TV, the team faced many challenges. A small team of only three people lives and works together in a difficult apartment. There is no office and they can only spend every day in a co-working space. However, they firmly believe that their products can help people develop good habits, and they work hard to do so. Over time, happy TV gradually expanded to more platforms and the team continued to grow.

In terms of pricing strategy, happy TV has experienced some twists and turns. Initially, they adopted a one-time lifetime value-add pricing model, but as the application expanded to more platforms, costs increased, forcing them to change their strategy. After many attempts and adjustments, they finally determined the combination model of subscription package and lifetime membership, providing users with more choices.

When it comes to marketing strategy, Allen admitted that there is no absolute answer. They eventually found what worked for them through trial and error with multiple marketing strategies, including traditional and unconventional growth hacking tactics. Focusing on content marketing and affiliate marketing has become their current core strategy. By providing valuable content and in-depth articles, happy TV attracts a large number of users and achieves impressive conversions.

Going forward, happy TV aims to be the best multi-platform habit tracker. They believe that profit is only the follow-up to all this, and more importantly, providing users with high-quality products and services. In order to achieve this goal, they plan to hire more employees, build a strong collaborative team, and create a more perfect image for the happy TV brand.

When talking about the biggest challenge, Allen said it is to find a sustainable and profitable marketing channel for the company's products. Each product has its own distinct features, and Happy TV is a niche market with few case studies for reference. They need to find the right channels through intensive experimentation and analysis, which is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Finally, when asked what he would do if he had the opportunity to do things differently, Allen said he would pay more attention to the company's long-term strategic analysis and content investment. He believes comprehensive analytics tools and content marketing are the keys to sustainable growth. By gaining insights into user attributes and touchpoints and delivering valuable content, they can better understand user needs and drive business growth.

The story of happy TV is not only a story about successful applications, but also a story about the wisdom, courage and persistence of independent developers. Let us look forward to them continuing to create more value and miracles in the future!

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