Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 125): How individual Notion earns US$30,000 per month


How to make $30,000 a month with your personal Notion business: the tenacity and wisdom of entrepreneurs

Every Friday, I share stories and strategies for independent monetization here. Today, I would like to introduce to you Modest Medus, the founder of Notion Way. How he has created impressive results in the Notion field with his own efforts and wisdom.

Modest’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2021, a period full of challenges and uncertainty. However, it was this environment that inspired his innovative spirit. Initially, he was just building a website for his e-commerce brand, but with limited funds, he decided to take matters into his own hands. In the process, he discovered Notion, a powerful tool, and used it to manage projects and tasks.

At that time, the Notion template market was not yet saturated, but some people were already trying to sell their own templates. Modest keenly grasped this opportunity and decided to use his knowledge of Notion and the appeal of digital product sales to try to create his own template. As a result, Notion Economic came into being. This was his first work and took him a week or two to carefully produce.

However, the road to entrepreneurship is never smooth. Although Modest's templates have gained some recognition in the market, they still face many challenges. In order to attract more customers, he began to share his templates on various websites, while constantly optimizing and improving the product. After a few months, he realized that to be more successful in this field, he had to build his brand and traffic.

Thus, Notion Way came into being. Through continuous efforts and innovation, Modest has gradually built Notion Way into a brand featuring productivity and organization, solving common problems that many people encounter when using Notion. His templates are designed to be simple, efficient and easy to use, and the system itself has won multiple awards.

In the process, Modest has accumulated a large number of fans and user reviews, and its Google ranking and number of newsletter subscribers have also continued to rise. However, he knew that traffic alone was not enough to make him rich. The quality of the product, the size of the problem it solves, and the number of people who encounter it are all key factors in determining success.

Over the years, Modest has continued to learn and execute, finding smarter ways to improve its results. He is never satisfied with the status quo and is always brave enough to try new things and take more risks. It is this adventurous spirit and continuous learning attitude that has made Notion Way gradually become a recognized Notion template brand.

Today, Modest has generated over $300,000 in revenue through Notion Way and has helped over 120,000 people become more organized and productive using Notion. His success is not accidental, but the result of his perseverance, keen market insight and continuous innovation wisdom.

For those entrepreneurs who want to start a business or are just starting a business, Modest’s story is undoubtedly a good inspiration. He told us: be brave enough to take the first step; keep learning and trying new things; focus on solving common problems and providing quality products; work smart rather than working blindly; and the most important thing is to find yourself motivation and goals and pursue them firmly.

Finally, let us look forward to Modest and Notion Way creating more brilliant results in the future! At the same time, I also wish every entrepreneur to succeed in his or her field!

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