[Li Ziran said] My mental state after being scolded by a top V for an hour


Thoughts after being criticized by a top V: How to rationally view different viewpoints

In this era of information explosion, everyone can be a self-media person and express their own views and opinions. However, how should we respond when our views are questioned or even criticized by others? Recently, as a self-media creator, I experienced an incident where I was criticized by a top V. This experience made me think deeply about how to rationally view different viewpoints and learn and grow from them.

1. Encountering criticism from top celebrities

That day, I received a message and learned that I had been criticized by a big V on a well-known platform. This big V posted a nearly one-hour video expressing many different views from mine. At first, I was indeed a little surprised and dissatisfied. After all, we all hope that our opinions can be recognized and respected by others. However, after calming down, I decided to look at the incident with an open mind.

2. Rational analysis of different viewpoints

I watched this big V’s video and found that there were indeed many issues worthy of discussion. Some of the views he mentioned, although different from mine, are not unreasonable. For example, he emphasized the impact of the epidemic on the catering industry and the gap in chain rates between China's catering market and developed countries such as the United States and Japan. These perspectives made me realize that every industry has its own complexity and diversity, and we need to understand and analyze it from different perspectives.

3. Respect differences and keep an open mind

When facing different viewpoints, we should respect differences and keep an open mind. Everyone has their own knowledge background and life experience, and these factors will affect our views on things. Therefore, even if we disagree with others' views, we should respect their right to expression. At the same time, we must also learn to learn from other people’s perspectives and constantly improve our own knowledge system.

4. Actively respond to criticism and promote self-growth

Being criticized is not a bad thing, it can help us discover our shortcomings and promote self-growth. In this incident, I seriously reflected on my opinions and expressions, and found that there were indeed areas that could be improved. For example, I was overconfident in expressing my opinions and lacked humility and awe. These shortcomings made me realize that as a self-media creator, I need to pay more attention to my words and deeds and treat every creation with a more professional and responsible attitude.

5. Conclusion

Through this experience of being criticized by a top influencer, I deeply realized the importance of looking at different viewpoints rationally. In this era of diversity, we need to learn to respect differences, keep an open mind, and actively respond to criticism to promote self-growth. Only in this way can we better communicate, cooperate and make progress together with others. In future creations, I will pay more attention to these aspects and strive to become a better and more influential self-media creator.

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