Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 133): Side project made $100,000 in 10 months


From a data sheet to a side job earning $10,000 a month: an independent developer’s counterattack story

In this digital age, one person, one computer, and a brilliant idea are enough to create miracles. Today, we are going to tell about such an independent developer, how he earned $100,000 with a side project in just ten months.

The protagonist of the story is He is not only a technical master, but also an activist who dares to put his ideas into practice. His story begins with a keen insight into a common problem in daily life.

When processing data, found that although spreadsheet tools such as Excel are powerful, they are quite cumbersome for non-professionals to operate. His girlfriend made him realize this deeply when she asked for help. So, a bold idea flashed in his mind - why not develop a simpler and more intuitive data processing platform?

Just do it, wrote a basic platform within 24 hours, allowing users to upload data and generate charts with one click. This platform later became LI, a data visualization tool loved by users.

In order to promote its products, has racked its brains. He not only registered accounts on major social media and published product information, but also actively looked for forums and sections related to AI and data analysis for promotion. What's more worth mentioning is that he also shared in detail his process and experience of building projects by making YouTube videos and blog posts.

These efforts have not been in vain, the number of users of LI has increased rapidly, and it has even been mentioned naturally in some blogs and articles. This word-of-mouth communication effect makes LI more and more famous and has more and more users.

Today, LI has more than 11,000 users and has achieved the feat of earning $10,000 per month. For, this is not only a financial reward, but also an affirmation of his innovative spirit and unremitting efforts.

Of course, success is also full of challenges and failures. But is never afraid of failure. He firmly believes that only by constantly trying and adjusting can he find the path to success. His spirit is undoubtedly worth learning and learning from each of us.

In this story, we see an independent developer’s counterattack and the process of how a good idea becomes a reality and creates value. More importantly, we see how an ordinary person can realize his dream and change his life through hard work and wisdom.

So, if you have a good idea or something you want to try, you might as well pursue and practice it bravely! Maybe you will be the next one to succeed.

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