The Spanish girl said that each of us should be a feminista


Breaking the Chains: Why Each of Us Should Be a "Feminista"

In every corner of the world, men and women alike may at some point feel trapped, defined, and limited. The words of a Spanish girl are like a stone thrown into a lake, causing ripples: "Each of us should be a feminista." So, what is the deep meaning behind this?

The confusion of gender roles

Have you ever wondered why women are always expected to be weak and submissive? And men are expected to be strong and courageous? These seemingly natural gender roles are actually the shackles set by society for us. When a woman gets tired of appearing weak, she may be questioned for "not meeting the standards of a woman" when she discovers that she is actually strong. Likewise, when a man feels vulnerable, he may also feel ashamed or insecure about it.

Double standards of competition and pressure

In highly competitive societies, men are often expected to be the "winners," while women's success may be interpreted as "threats to men's status." This double standard puts women under tremendous pressure in various fields such as the workplace, family, and social life. Not only do they have to face competition from men, but they also have to deal with society's expectations of what women should be.

Limitations on emotion and expression

The word "emotional" always seems to be closely associated with women. But why can’t women express their emotions as freely as men? Why are their cries and tenderness always deprived of them? Likewise, men are often expected to be "calm" and "reasonable," and their vulnerability and emotionality are often seen as weaknesses.

The call for liberation and freedom

When we become aware of the existence of these chains, we take the first step toward freedom. Regardless of men or women, we should all have the right to choose our own lifestyle and express our own emotions. And the word "feminista" is a call to this freedom. It’s not just about women, it’s about everyone who is bound by gender roles.

A gender equal future

When each of us becomes a "feminista," we begin to break down those archaic gender roles and double standards. We are no longer expected to fit into a fixed mold, but are free to pursue our dreams and express our emotions. Such a future will be a more equal and inclusive world.

So, going back to the words of the Spanish girl: "Each of us should be a feminista." This is not only a slogan, but also an action. Let us work together to break the chains that bind us and move toward a freer and more equal future.

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