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Independent developer Owen launches new free online design tool - Simple Design

Have you ever had trouble finding the right cover image? Are you troubled by the tedious steps when processing pictures? Now, independent developer Owen brings you a new free online design tool - Simple Design, which solves all your image processing problems!

This simple design tool combines cover image design and image processing. It is not only powerful but also easy to operate. It has a workbench dedicated to designing cover images. You can custom design cover images for various platforms such as blog posts, WeChat public accounts, video accounts, or Bilibili according to your own needs. Moreover, the simple design also has more than 30 built-in image processing tools, such as image cropping, compression, format conversion, etc., to meet all your image processing needs in one stop.

Next, let’s take a look at the powerful functions of this tool! First, we enter the workbench and select the type of cover image we need to design. Here, you can see a variety of preset cover image templates, or you can choose a custom design. Let’s take a custom cover as an example to see how to design a unique cover image.

On the left side of the workbench, you can choose a background image or color for your cover. If you like gradient backgrounds, Simple Design gives you this option as well. After selecting the background, we can set the details of the cover image on the right side. Here, you can enter a title, subtitle, adjust font size, color, position, etc. Even more amazing is that you can also set different background colors for the title and subtitle to create a unique visual effect. When you have completed all settings, just click the download button to save this unique cover image locally.

In addition to the cover design function, the image processing tools for simple design are also powerful. It helps you easily crop pictures, resize, compress files, and more. These operations are very simple and easy to understand and do not require any professional knowledge. What's more worth mentioning is that all functions of the simple design are provided for free, and the entire website does not have any ads, giving you a pure user experience.

Of course, as a continuously iterative product, Simple Design will add more practical functions in the future. If you have any suggestions or comments about this tool, please leave a message below the video and let us know. Let us look forward to more surprises in simple design!

Finally, thanks to independent developer Owen for bringing us this practical online design tool. I believe that in the future, simple design will become the preferred image processing tool for more and more people. See you next time, bye!

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