In your 20s, should you work to save money or backpack around the world?


In your 20s, should you pursue your dream trip or save money realistically? My choices and thoughts


In the golden twenties of life, we are often asked a question: should we take the risk and backpack around the world, or should we work hard and save money for the future? The answer to this question may be different for everyone. Today, I want to share my choices and thoughts, hoping to bring some inspiration to you who are also at this stage.

Why did I choose to backpack around the world?

Maximum risk, minimum loss

In our twenties, we are often at the starting point of life and do not have too many burdens and responsibilities. My parents are still young, we are still unmarried and have no children, and we have no financial pressures such as mortgage payments. This means that if we choose to travel around the world, even if we fail, the loss will be relatively small. Moreover, this kind of adventurous experience can often add valuable wealth to our lives.

Youth is the greatest capital

We often compare life to four seasons, each season has its own unique charm. The twenties are the spring of life, full of vitality and passion. At this stage, we have strong energy to explore the world and experience different cultures and customs. As we age, we may gradually lose this impulse and courage. Therefore, I think choosing to travel around the world in your twenties is the best tribute to youth.

Travel brings more than just memories

Of course, traveling around the world is no easy task. It requires courage, determination and perseverance. However, it is these difficulties and challenges that allow us to continue to grow and progress during the journey. We learned to live independently, solve problems and communicate with others. These skills and experiences will play an important role in future work and life. In addition, traveling allows us to meet friends from different countries and regions, broadening our horizons and ways of thinking.

The balance between traveling and saving money

Rational planning to ensure travel quality

Although I choose to travel the world, I do not blindly pursue adventure and excitement. Before departure, I will make sufficient plans and preparations to ensure a safe and smooth journey. At the same time, I will also choose travel methods and destinations that suit me based on my financial situation and budget. This can not only ensure the quality of travel, but also avoid excessive consumption and debt.

Travel and work to achieve financial independence

In order to achieve financial independence and long-term travel, I also tried various working methods while traveling. For example, I will work as a part-time tour guide or translator in some tourist cities to earn travel expenses and living expenses. This will not only allow me to have a deeper understanding of the local culture and lifestyle, but also make me more financially independent and autonomous.

Cherish the present and plan for the future

Of course, while enjoying travel, we must not forget to plan for the future. While on the road, I will keep an eye on my professional development and learning opportunities. I will use my free time to learn new skills and improve my abilities. This will not only allow me to continue to grow and improve during my travels, but also fully prepare me for my future work and life.


In our twenties, we face many choices and challenges. Should you choose to backpack around the world or work hard and save money? There is no fixed answer to this. The important thing is that we make rational decisions based on our actual situation and interests. At the same time, we must also learn to find a balance between traveling and saving money to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful. Finally, what I want to say is: No matter which path you choose, cherish the moment and move forward bravely!

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