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The infinite charm of expat life: an adventure from Nepal to Europe

As we embark on the journey of traveling around the world again, our hearts can’t help but be filled with anticipation and excitement. Looking back on the past four years of traveling, we have explored many corners of the world, and this year’s journey is full of unknowns and surprises.

First, we will travel to Nepal, a country known as the “Land of the Gods.” Nepal is a country closely connected with the Himalayas. Its beauty and mystery attract countless explorers. We will embark on the ACT Grand Loop, this world-famous hiking route, which will bring us unprecedented challenges and experiences. Imagine, accompanied by snow-capped mountains and azaleas, we step into the unknown, full of expectations and a little nervous. But it is this kind of challenge that makes us cherish every hiking experience more and feel the meaning of life more deeply.

In addition to hiking, there is another place in Nepal that makes our heart beat - Pokhara. This niche place of residence attracts many travelers with its unique charm. Imagine, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lakes, we get up early to do yoga facing the snow-capped mountains, and then work in a coffee shop by the lake. This kind of life is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment. The hiking routes and outdoor resources around Pokhara made us even more eager to try it. We will explore this beautiful place in depth and feel its unique charm.

Next, we will head to Europe, a continent full of history and culture. We plan to return to Shanghai in mid-May, apply for a European visa, and then leave around June. On this trip to Europe, we will expand our nomadic territory and not only visit some well-known cities, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but also explore in depth some places that interest us more. For example, hiking around Mont Blanc will be an unforgettable outdoor experience. At the same time, we will also consider traveling to some niche places in Eastern Europe to experience different cultural atmospheres.

In the process of traveling, we are not just travelers, but also experiencers of life. We like a slow-paced life and an in-depth experience of local cultural content. Every time we visit a new place, we try to integrate into the local life and feel the local customs. This kind of lifestyle makes us cherish every travel experience more and feel the diversity of the world more deeply.

As the years go by, our desire to explore the world never diminishes. We look forward to each trip bringing us new revelations and gains. We will continue to walk in every corner of the world and experience this colorful world with our hearts. In the future journey, we will also explore more places and experience more cultures, making our sojourn life more colorful.

Finally, we invite you to follow our journey together. In the coming time, we will share with you more of our experiences and insights about traveling around the world. We hope our stories can inspire you to bravely pursue your dreams and explore this wonderful world. Let's go together!

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