This magical company that works remotely has recently raised more than 300 million yuan!


How does this mysterious remote company subvert the traditional office model and lead a new era of AI?

A start-up company raised $46 million in seed round financing in just six months, or more than 300 million yuan. Such an infusion of capital would be a huge boost for any company, but what's even more shocking is that this company decided from day one to operate entirely remotely and internationally. Its founders are ADAM and GEORGE, and its employees are located all over the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom, from New Zealand to Chile, from Ukraine to Canada, forming a truly global team.

Faced with traditional concepts, they chose a different path: remote work. Why do we do this? ADAM and GEORGE explained that this approach allows them to get rid of geographical restrictions and easily attract and recruit the world's top talents. An atmosphere of diversity and innovation has also emerged under this working model, and employees enjoy enviable benefits, such as unlimited paid leave, funding for personal learning and development, and free treatment for mental health.

“I’ve been working here for almost four years and Minds to be is a truly international company and I don’t feel like there are any geographical restrictions when it comes to hiring. It feels less like a typical job and more like An adventure,” one employee said.

This company is called "Minds to be", and their original intention and vision are simple but full of ambition: to enable more and more people to harness the power of AI. In their view, although machine learning is complex and out of reach in the eyes of many people, it will become simple and easy to understand in the future, and everyone can make great use of data through simple operations. No huge investment is required, and all walks of life can benefit. For example, e-commerce companies can use MDB to analyze user behavior and optimize pricing and marketing strategies; financial companies can use it to predict and control risks; and in the social and entertainment fields, it can generate and recommend better content.

But all of this is done by a start-up team distributed around the world. This may sound weird, as traditional wisdom holds that teams must work face-to-face to create the best synergy. However, Minds to Be has proven the obsolescence of this view with their actual actions.

“Our shared vision and goal is to get this done without office politics or workplace theatrics,” ADAM emphasized. This is exactly the kind of working environment that Minds to be is pursuing: a real, efficient working environment that eliminates redundancy and pretense, where everyone can focus on the work itself and develop their greatest potential, no matter where they are. .

Although the slogan on the official website is "fully remote", it is worth noting that they also provide hybrid working models to adapt to the needs of different employees. This flexibility and inclusivity is not only reflected in the way they work, but also permeates their corporate culture.

The existence of this company is not only a complete subversion of the traditional office model, but also the beginning of a new era of AI. They believe that in the future, more and more people will join the trend of remote working, and AI technology will become more popular and easier to use, bringing unprecedented convenience and surprises to our lives.

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