What thoughts and insights did you gain from taking your children to the most dangerous city in the world, and learning about the history of apartheid liberation in South Africa in one go?


Traveling to South Africa with children: traces of history and resonance with reality

When mentioning South Africa, many people will think of that remote and mysterious continent and its shocking history of liberation from apartheid. Today, I will take my children to this land to explore the traces of history and feel the warmth of history.

South Africa is a country full of stories. When we arrived, nightfall had not yet fallen and the neon lights of the city were already flashing. Standing on the streets of Johannesburg, the children looked around curiously, and I began to tell them stories about this land.

"Do you know? A few decades ago, this was a place full of apartheid and discrimination." I pointed to the high-rise buildings in the distance and continued, "But there was a great man who led the South African people out of When faced with a difficult situation, he is Mandela.”

The children's eyes widened, seemingly full of curiosity about this unfamiliar name. So I began to tell them Mandela's story, from his arrest and the long years he spent in prison to his eventual rise as President of South Africa, leading the country to prosperity.

"So, why do you think Mandela became a hero in South Africa?" I asked.

The children expressed their opinions one after another. Some said he was brave, some said he was wise, and some said he had a patriotic heart. I smiled and nodded and told them: "Actually, Mandela is great not only because of how many things he has done, but more importantly because of the spirit he has, which is the pursuit of freedom and equality."

During these few days in South Africa, we visited Mandela’s former residence and felt the traces of history. We also went to the slums of Johannesburg and saw the living conditions of those living at the bottom. There, the children saw another side of South Africa and felt the hardships of life.

"Do you know? Although South Africa has got rid of the shadow of apartheid, there are still many people struggling to survive." I told the children, "So, we must cherish our lives and care for those in need. "

During our journey in South Africa, we not only learned about history, but also deeply felt the meaning of life. We learned to be grateful, to care, and to cherish. And these are the most valuable gains during our journey.

Now, when we return home and recall that journey, we still feel emotional. South Africa is a country full of stories, a place where our hearts are baptized. And those traces of history and resonance with reality will remain in our hearts forever.

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