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Recovering a good state of life: My self-disciplined life in Shanghai

Have you ever lost yourself in the busy work and life? Are you eager to find that long-lost peace and self-discipline? Today, let us walk into my life in Shanghai and see how I regained a good state of life through exercise and digital abstinence.

1. From sleeping in late to going to bed early and getting up early

One winter passed, and I found that I had gained ten pounds and my life rhythm was out of whack. So, I decided to establish a healthier life routine with Xiao Ding. Every morning at around seven o'clock, while my friends are still sleeping, I have already started my day's work. In order to better manage time, Xiao Ding read the book "Manage Your Day" and decided to get up at 7 o'clock every day and arrange the most challenging work to be completed in the morning. I am not a so-called "volume king", I just want my life to be more orderly, so I choose to get up early.

2. Exercise makes life more energetic

I've been exercising for three weeks straight and going to the gym every week. As a fitness novice, I was a little confused at the beginning, but now I have gradually adapted to it. I focus on my shoulders, hips, and chest because the muscles in these areas make up a large portion of our body mass. Exercise makes me feel more energetic than ever before, and I feel brand new after every exercise.

3. Digital abstinence makes life purer

In this digital age, it’s easy for us to become addicted to our phones and computers. However, I find that digital withdrawal allows me to focus more on real life. I no longer expose myself to blue light before bed, opting instead to read or meditate. It helps me sleep better and gives me more time to think about the good things in life.

4. Small blessings in life

In addition to exercise and digital withdrawal, I’ve discovered some of life’s small blessings. For example, I started using a drying cap, which made my bathing routine much smoother. In addition, I also discovered a camera application called DAZZ, which allowed me to take many beautiful photos and inspired my passion for photography.

5. Conclusion

It is not easy to get back to a good state of life, but as long as we are willing to try and change, we will definitely be able to find our own peace and self-discipline. In this spring, let us act together to make life better!

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