Four years for a computer science degree is not as good as half a month in a training institution? It is recommended to collect and avoid detours.


Computer Learning: Break the Myth of “Laying a Good Foundation” and Find Your Learning Path

Have you ever heard the saying – “Building a good foundation is a big scam”? Recently, a video has attracted widespread attention, and its point of view is quite thought-provoking: Is four years of college study in computer science really not as effective as half a month in a training institution? Today, we will discuss this issue together and see how to learn computer knowledge more effectively.

Let's look at an example first. Xiao Deng, a learner who is passionate about game development, initially chose to start with the basics of mathematics and graphics, but soon he got into trouble and felt that making games was as difficult as the sky. As for another Xiaodeng, starting from practice and studying Unity tutorials, he can quickly create a small game. With the deepening of practice, he gradually discovered his blind spots in knowledge and supplemented his studies in a targeted manner, and finally achieved impressive results.

This example tells us that the traditional bottom-up learning method, that is, from mathematical principles to hardware to software, although it seems systematic, often makes beginners lose their way in boring theories and find it difficult to find the motivation to learn. On the contrary, the top-down learning method, starting from practice and then learning relevant theories when encountering problems, can often allow learners to see results faster, thus maintaining their interest and motivation in learning.

So, does this mean we can ignore the basics entirely? The answer is obviously no. The learning of basic knowledge is necessary, but it is not the starting point of learning, but an important part of the learning process. Only when we encounter problems in practice will we truly realize the importance of basic knowledge and learn and master it in a targeted manner.

Additionally, we need to recognize the diversity of learning models. Some people like to learn theoretical knowledge systematically, while others prefer to master skills through practice. Both models have their advantages and limitations. The key is to find the learning path that suits you. For computer major learners, practice is undoubtedly the only criterion for testing truth. Through practice, we can better understand theoretical knowledge and apply it to actual projects.

Finally, back to our original question: Is a four-year undergraduate degree in computer science really not as good as half a month in a training institution? The answer is obviously no. Four years of university study provides us with a solid theoretical foundation and a broad perspective, while training institutions pay more attention to the training of practical skills. Only by combining the two can we truly master computer knowledge and become an excellent computer professional. Therefore, don’t be bound by the myth of “laying a good foundation”. Only by finding a learning path that suits you can you go further on the road to computer learning.

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