Independent development case: A "post-2000" team launched an AI product in 3 days and was acquired 50 days later


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Young team leads the AI ​​mind mapping revolution, the rise and future of CHINEMENT

Today, with the rapid development of AI technology, a team of young people is quietly leading a revolution in mind mapping. They are the core team members of CHINEMENT. The youngest member has just graduated from high school, but he has already created the basic model of the core product overnight, and completed iteration and community promotion in just three weeks. The story of this team is one of passion, innovation and opportunity.

1. The collision of AI and mind mapping

CHERIN, the founder of CHINEMENT, and his five core team members, with their in-depth research and keen insight into AI technology, discovered the limitations of traditional mind mapping tools: they only provide editing functions, but cannot provide users with creative ideas. inspiration. So, they decided to develop a new AI mind mapping tool-TTIN.

The emergence of TTIN solves the problem that traditional mind mapping tools cannot provide creativity. It combines AI technology to intelligently generate mind maps based on the user's prompt words, providing users with new creative inspiration. Whether it is reading notes, travel schedules, project process management or brainstorming, TTIN can handle it easily.

2. Seize the opportunity and become famous in one battle

In just three months, TTIN has accumulated hundreds of thousands of unique visitors (UV) and has become a popular AI tool. All of this success is inseparable from the hard work of team members and their keen grasp of opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that not long after TTIN was launched, a company in the tool vertical field took a fancy to its potential and issued an acquisition invitation to the CHERIN team. Although the specific acquisition amount was not disclosed, this news undoubtedly injected strong impetus into TTIN's future development.

3. Continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence

After being acquired, TTIN did not stop, but continued to carry out technological innovation and product upgrades under the leadership of a new R&D team. They optimized the user interface, added a prompt box dialog interface, and linked it with other software to improve the user experience.

At the same time, TTIN also actively expands overseas markets and has won the love and recognition of many overseas users. According to statistics, overseas users accounted for a large proportion of CHERIN’s visits in the past three months.

4. Future Outlook

Team members are full of confidence and expectations for the future development of TTIN. They said they will continue to focus on solving users' real problems, continue to innovate and improve product functions, and provide users with higher-quality and more convenient AI mind mapping services.

At the same time, they are also actively exploring new AI application areas and looking for the direction of the next hot product. I believe that in the near future, we will see more wonderful things and miracles created by this young team.


CHINEMENT's success story is not only a victory of technological innovation, but also a victory of young people's courage, wisdom and dreams. They have proved with practical actions that as long as they have dreams, courage and wisdom, they will be able to seize opportunities and create miracles. Let us look forward to them continuing to write new legends in the future AI field!

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