I spent 180 days building this cover image production plug-in, which makes cover image creation super simple. No login, no payment, no ads, no interruptions, and no infringement problems. It is the best and simplest cover image creation tool.


Simple Cover: An extremely simple cover image creation tool

Are you worried about finding suitable blog articles, WeChat public accounts, videos, Xiaohongshu or Douyin cover images? Now, a cover image making tool called "Simple Cover" may be your savior. Created by independent developer Ou Wei, this tool is free and easy to use, allowing you to create cover images in the simplest way.

No login, no payment, no ads

In this era filled with all kinds of payment and advertising, simple covers bring you a breath of fresh air. There is no need to log in, no payment, and no advertising interruption. Its goal is to be the best and simplest cover image creation tool.

Rich material library

The simple cover has many built-in pictures and font materials, all of which are free for commercial use. You don’t need to worry about image or font infringement, just focus on creating.

Powerful customization capabilities

Simple Cover provides powerful customization capabilities. You can search for keywords to find the corresponding image, choose the ratio of the cover image, enter the title and subtitle, adjust the font size and color, and even choose the alignment of the font. For the background, you can choose a solid color or a gradient color, or you can choose a picture background and adjust the transparency. These features allow you to easily create cover images that suit your personal needs.

Easy download, no watermark

After the production is completed, you can directly click the download button in the upper right corner to download the cover image for free. The downloaded cover image has no watermark and no restrictions. You can use it wherever you want.

How to get it?

If you want to use the Easy Cover plug-in, just visit the official website EasyCover.9wink.com in your browser to download and install it. If you feel it is helpful to you during use, you are also very welcome to give us a review in the app store.

Overall, Simple Cover is a very practical cover image creation tool. It is simple to use, powerful, and completely free. Whether you are a self-media creator or an ordinary user, you can try using it to create your cover image. Take action now!

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