Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 84): A geolocation API service with a monthly income of US$15,000


Geolocation API service: an entrepreneurial legend with a monthly income of $15,000

Have you ever thought that a geolocation API service could bring in over $15,000 per month? This wasn’t just an idea, it was Owen Rucci’s entrepreneurial reality. His project, Jo Code XYZ, has grown from a small idea into a thriving business.

From graduate school to entrepreneurial projects

It all started with a simple idea in graduate school: why wasn't there a good geolocation API? Owen Rucci found that there was a lack of such services in the market at the time, and this was exactly what he needed. So, he set out to fill this gap and started the journey of Jo Code XYZ.

Build your first product

In 2004, Owen and his team spent a month building the first Canada-only geocoding API. This process involves multiple links such as data cleaning, import, verification, testing, and performance optimization. Over time, their services gradually expanded into the United States and continued to improve performance and accuracy.

Rewrite and global expansion

In 2016, Owen decided to rewrite Jo Code XYZ to leverage the growth of global open geographic data to achieve global coverage. This rewrite uses advanced technology to geolocate and disambiguate from any text. This transformation has made their services more valuable globally.

Low cost start-up and automated operation

Surprisingly, Jo Code XYZ’s startup costs are close to zero. Irving purchased the domain name for just one dollar and used AWS's free cloud service resources to run the server. As business grows, operating costs gradually increase, but most operations have been automated, reducing labor costs.

Customer acquisition and business growth

Within six months of launch, Jo Code XYZ began to gain traction and gain its first customers. These customers come from various fields, such as journalists, data analysts, etc. Through word of mouth and the usefulness of the API, the number of customers continues to grow and the business expands rapidly.

Continuous improvement and customer retention

Owen believes that continuous improvement is the key to attracting and retaining customers. Since its release, he has focused on optimizing the functionality and performance of the API. This effort has allowed Jo Code XYZ to stand out in a highly competitive market and maintain high customer retention rates.

Entrepreneurship lessons and future prospects

Running a business is hard work and requires a lot of effort and time. Irving said it's important to recognize your strengths, do things you enjoy and set clear goals. For the future, he plans to further cooperate with AWS to expand business areas and achieve greater growth.


Owen's entrepreneurial story not only demonstrates the painstaking journey from idea to product, but also demonstrates the importance of continued effort and focus on customer needs. His successful experience provides valuable inspiration for those who want to turn ideas into commercial value. In this era full of challenges and opportunities, we look forward to more entrepreneurs, like Owen, realizing their dreams and creating social value.

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