Independent development, monthly income of 30K, first development of Sora AI video generator


Independent development earns 30K per month: Full analysis of Sora AI video generator development

Do you want to develop independently and earn 30K per month? Follow in the footsteps of former Tencent senior engineers and build your own AI products together! Today, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the development process of Sora AI video generator, giving you a new understanding of independent development.

Open source products and the path to independent development

Independent development is not only to realize personal value, but also to explore unknown areas. This former Tencent senior engineer has now become a freelancer and has successfully developed many excellent products, such as third-party GBT stores, WeChat red envelope generators, etc. His successful experience tells us that independent development is not out of reach.

Introduction to Sora AI Video Generator

Sora AI video generator is a cutting-edge AI product that uses the most popular front-end technology. By learning the development process of this product, you will master the core skills of independent development and lay a solid foundation for future innovation.

Project source code acquisition and local deployment

First, we need to download the source code of the project from platforms such as GitHub. After copying the download address, use the git command locally to clone the code locally. Next, install dependencies and configure the environment according to the project documentation. It should be noted here that the project uses a specific package manager to install dependencies, so we need to switch to the project directory first and then execute the installation command.

Database creation and table structure design

In order to store project data we need to create a database. Here we have chosen professional cloud database services, such as super base, etc. Follow the documentation guidelines to easily create a database and connect it to your project. Next, execute the SQL script in the project to create the necessary table structure. These tables will be used to store the data required by the video generator.

Environment variable configuration and project startup

Create an .env file in the project root directory and fill in environment variables such as database connection. These environment variables will make it easier for us to just modify the environment variables when deploying projects in different environments. Finally, run the specified command according to the documentation to start the project. When we see the prompt that the project has been successfully launched, it means that we have taken the first step in independent development!

Project implementation principles and development techniques

In the next episode, we will delve into the implementation principles and development techniques of Sora AI video generator. Want to learn more about independent development and AI products? Please stay tuned for our follow-up content! At the same time, you are also welcome to leave messages in the comment area to share your independent development experience and insights.

Through the above content, I believe you already have a preliminary understanding of the independent development of Sora AI video generator. Want to acquire more skills and move towards independent development? Then act quickly and follow our footsteps to explore the unknown world!

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