You can also be the person who bravely enjoys the world first


You can also be the person who bravely enjoys the world first

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world, working while traveling, not being bound by time and place, and enjoying the joy of freedom and exploration? Today, I want to share the story of how to become a digital nomad and bravely enjoy the world.

Thoughts on money and freedom

In the morning, I did a meditation about money in hopes of developing a better relationship with it. Unexpectedly, at breakfast, I overheard a man sharing ten different ways to make money with the girl next to him. In fact, I know all of these methods, and I have tried many of them and had a lot of success. But what is the difference between me and this man?

The biggest difference, I found, was his confidence. I was captivated by the confidence with which he shared his stories and reflections. This also reminds me that many female entrepreneurs may have the same confusion: We are obviously great, have done a lot, and have a lot to share, why can’t we present this more confidently?

From freelancer to digital nomad

I am a digital nomad currently living in Bali, working on my career while traveling around the world. Many people are curious about me and want to know what other options there are besides 996. In fact, I have also experienced the process of exploration.

When I was about to graduate from college, I tried freelancing. At that time, I felt that taking on one project could cover a month's living expenses, and I could play for a month after working for a few days. How relaxing and comfortable it was. But the reality is that freelancing is not stable, and it made me think about what I really wanted.

After graduation, I joined a foreign start-up company. This company does not require me to go to work, I can complete my work online. But with the changes in the company's structure, I found that working for the company was not happy and the salary was not high. So I started thinking, should I find a job with a higher salary or start my own business?

Entrepreneurship and self-growth

During the epidemic, I met a large client whose monthly service fee was much higher than the salary, and the workload was much less. This made me decide to start a business, and at the same time take on other small customers, create self-media content, and accumulate fans and communities. But the process of starting a business is not easy. I need to deal with various problems, and sometimes I feel broken.

To deal with these challenges, I started investing in myself to learn. I learned coaching dialogues, received one-on-one clients, and better understood the C-end public. At the same time, I also used coaching methods to resolve many of my confusions and doubts. These experiences helped me develop a new awareness of money, and also made me realize that security does not come from the numbers in a bank account.

Embrace change and create the future

Now, I have my own IP and products, making money through IP, while also maintaining various social media marketing services for B-side customers. I accept various challenges and opportunities, constantly try new things, and continue trial and error. These experiences have allowed me to accumulate low-level self-confidence and security. I believe there are always ways to solve the problems I encounter.

Many people ask me, what if being a digital nomad becomes unstable after a few years? My opinion is that fear will always be there, but we must learn how to face it, live in harmony with it, and adjust our mentality. I don’t expect the digital nomad path to be a guaranteed success, but I chose it because I wanted to invest my brain, energy, and time in solving the problems of the world I wanted to create.

Create the future together

If you believe in and want to create such a world, welcome to join us. I have a collection of people who have wonderful lives and we support and learn from each other. Under my personal IP, there are groups such as inspiration circle, English circle, and coaching dialogue to help everyone make subtle changes in their thinking. At the same time, I also provide one-on-one coaching dialogue services to help everyone resolve their knots and thinking problems.

Brave people enjoy the world first, and you can be that brave person. Let's create the future we want together!

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