Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 87): How to make $240,000 a year by writing a resume?


From writing a resume to earning 240,000 a year: the tenacity and wisdom of entrepreneurs

Have you ever struggled to find a job? Ever thought about turning your job search skills into entrepreneurial opportunities? In this issue, we will share the story of Mary Sudden, the founder of Resume Assassin. By helping others write resumes, she has achieved a magnificent transformation from job seeker to entrepreneur, earning $240,000 per year. Let us enter her world together and discover the secret of her success.

Ten years ago, Mary Sudden founded Resume Assessing to combine her passion for writing resumes, finding jobs, and serving others. She discovered that many job seekers felt confused and helpless when it came to writing their resumes, so she decided to use her expertise to help them find jobs at the world's leading companies. In this process, she not only realized her own value, but also found the joy of entrepreneurship.

In the early days of starting her business, Mary faced many difficulties. She had no marketing skills and didn’t even know how to price her services. However, she did not give up, but chose to face it bravely. She brainstormed with her husband and came up with many ideas before finally deciding to focus on writing resumes. To make her services stand out in the market, she gave her company a unique name: Resume Assassin.

Mary knows very well that if she wants to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market, she must continue to learn and improve her capabilities. She joined a professional organization created specifically for resume writers and career coaches and began learning how to create and grow a successful resume writing business. Through continuous learning and practice, she gradually figured out a business model that suited her.

In the process of starting a business, Mary always adhered to the principle of customer first. She asks customers to leave reviews and recommendations after completing services to keep abreast of customer needs and feedback. This customer-centric business philosophy has allowed her business to grow rapidly. Today, she has clients all over the world who rave about her services.

Mary's success did not happen overnight, but came step by step with her tenacity and wisdom. She dares to face fears, seize opportunities, keep learning, and is customer-focused. These qualities together create her brilliance. For friends who want to start a business, Mary's story is undoubtedly a valuable revelation: as long as you have dreams and enthusiasm, take the first step bravely, and keep working hard and persevering, you will be able to realize your own value.

Now, are you eager to start your own entrepreneurial journey? So, start by writing a great resume! This is not only a stepping stone for you to find a job, but it may also become your first pot of gold on the road to starting a business. Who knows? Maybe the next successful entrepreneur is you!

In this world full of infinite possibilities, let us bravely pursue our passion, overcome difficulties, and achieve success! Remember: good things will come as long as you work hard and prepare every day. come on!

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