How did I become a digital nomad? A life of never going to work


Uncovering the Secrets of Digital Nomads: From Dreamers to Realists

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world while still making ends meet? Today, I will take you into a mysterious and charming group - digital nomads. How do they work online, how do they make money online, and how do they start living in different places? Let’s unravel the mysteries of this group together.

Digital Nomad: A New Way of Life

Digital nomads, this term may be relatively unfamiliar to many people. Simply put, it refers to those people who rely on the Internet and mobile devices to work and live freely around the world. They can work online and earn money from the beach, in the jungle, or anywhere they like.

Why are more and more people becoming interested in this lifestyle? Perhaps it is because it satisfies people's dream of traveling around the world, while at the same time realizing self-worth and laying the foundation for a career. Especially after Covid, many people have realized that they want to explore the world and pursue their inner passions, and the digital nomad lifestyle certainly provides them with a perfect option.

My path to digital nomadism: Five stages of transformation

As a digital nomad, I want to share my personal experiences to help those interested understand every step of the process.

The first stage: the bud of the dream

I have had a love for travel since I was a child and have wanted to see the world. When I first heard the term “digital nomad” I realized this could be the path to achieving my dream. I started reading books about travelers and learning about their adventures, which solidified my determination to become a digital nomad.

The second stage: improvement of skills

Before I decided to become a digital nomad, I realized that I needed to acquire some necessary skills. I started trying various freelance jobs, such as translation, writing, social media management, etc., to improve my abilities and experience. These experiences gave me a better understanding of how to work online and laid a solid foundation for my future career.

The third stage: practical exploration

After mastering certain skills, I started looking for job opportunities online. I created my own social media accounts, posted my work, and gradually attracted more and more clients. At the same time, I also started to create a community in Shanghai to communicate and share experiences with like-minded people. This phase gave me a deeper understanding of the lifestyle and work patterns of digital nomads.

Phase Four: Enlightenment from the Epidemic

The Covid outbreak has made me realize how important it is for me to go somewhere close to nature. I started planning to leave Shanghai and travel around China. In the process, I experienced different urban cultures, tried different sports, and met many interesting people. This experience strengthened my determination to become a digital nomad.

The fifth stage: international exploration

After exploring various parts of China, I decided to leave China and explore the world. I chose Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as my first stops. In this process, I encountered many challenges and difficulties, but I also gained more experience and growth. I gradually adapted to this new way of living and working, and began to enjoy this free life.

Conclusion: You can become a digital nomad

Through my personal experience, I believe you too can become a digital nomad. As long as you have a passion for travel, are willing to learn new skills, and have the courage to try new lifestyles and work models, you will definitely be able to realize your dreams. Let’s embark on this journey full of challenges and opportunities together!

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