Tickets for the second phase of the "Small Products Independent Transformation into Reality" training camp are now on sale


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At the end of 2023, let’s embark on a practical journey of small product monetization🚀

Have you ever been confused about the future direction? Have you ever thought about increasing your income through side hustle and looking for a freer lifestyle? If you are interested in making small products and monetizing them, then this article is for you!

The second phase of the Small Product Independent Realization Training Camp is waiting for you to challenge!

After the successful holding of the first training camp in the first half of the year, we received positive feedback from many students. Through our courses, many students have not only mastered the skills of small product development and monetization, but more importantly, have found their own direction and goals. Now, the second phase of our small product independent reality training camp is officially on sale, waiting for you to challenge!

Why choose us?

  1. Sharing of practical experience : Our courses not only stay at the theoretical level, but also focus on the sharing of practical experience. Through specific case analysis and operation demonstrations, you can truly master the core skills of small product development and monetization.
  2. Newly upgraded course content : In the second training camp, we have added the content of monetizing overseas small products. Taking two AI small products as cases, we will explain in detail how to implement functions such as integrated payment of browser extensions, and earn money. The first US dollar for overseas products.
  3. Discounts and guarantees : If you purchase training camp tickets now, you can enjoy a limited-time limited discount price of 699 yuan (original price 799 yuan). Moreover, you can refund your ticket at any time before the official opening of the camp without worrying about risks.

What do you get?

  1. A complete set of methodologies : Detailed methodological guidance is provided in terms of finding product ideas, rapid development, and operating new and old users, making you more comfortable in the process of developing small products.
  2. A technical framework for developing small products : Share a practical and proven technical framework to help you quickly implement specific business functions and greatly improve product launch time.
  3. Practical experience and source code : By leading everyone to actually develop domestic products and overseas small products, you can truly understand and master the entire process of small product development and monetization. At the same time, complete source code is provided for your study and reference.

How to join?

Scan the QR code or send a private message to learn more and easily purchase training camp tickets. Join our WeChat group to learn, communicate and grow with like-minded partners!

Don't hesitate any longer!

Instead of watching from the shore, it’s better to jump into the water and practice it yourself. At the end of 2023, let us start a practical journey of realizing small products! 💪✨

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