🎉A small milestone, my monthly income from a simple resume developed independently reached 2,000 yuan


From 0 to 1: How to achieve my little milestone?

Hello everyone, I am Zhang Xuan, the founder of Simple Resume. You may not be familiar with this name, but if you are an Internet practitioner, or are looking for a job, then you may be interested in my product - a tool focused on generating resumes. Just recently, this product reached a new milestone in February, with monthly revenue reaching 2,000 yuan! While this number may be insignificant to a large company, to me it represents countless nights, coffee, and keyboard strokes.

So, how did I do it? Today, I would like to share with you some small experiences in independent development and operation, hoping to bring some inspiration to you who are also on the road.

First, let’s take a look at the revenue analysis of this product. From the chart, you can see that the number of payments per day fluctuates, but overall remains at a stable level. Compared with last month, the number of payers has increased significantly. I think there are four main reasons for this.

First, after the Chinese New Year is the peak season for job hunting. There are particularly many unemployed people this year, so the use of resumes will increase. Second, word of mouth spreads among users. I didn’t do any special promotions, and I didn’t use any fancy attracting techniques. Many classmates told me that we can do some promotional activities, such as registering to receive coupons. But I don't want to do that. Judging from the users who consulted, some of them were recommended by friends, so the retention rate is also higher. Third, the traffic brought by search engines. I call this "natural search engine oil". My application has not done any SEO optimization, nor has I tried bidding ranking. I just keep producing content that I think is of high quality, such as resume writing guides, templates, etc. The current craze is AI-generated, but I buck the trend and all the content is generated by real people, and there are many variations. I believe this will have another appeal. Fourth, modifications to the pricing mechanism. In the beginning, I very rigidly imagined a resume-building tool as a subscription product that required long-term use. But later I learned that it is actually a complete tool product and will only be used for a short period of time when specific needs arise. Therefore, I removed the annual paying users and added a quarterly user, charging 20 yuan, a discount of 1/3. This pricing change is very effective. Quarterly users have reached 1/3 of the total paying users, which is far larger than the few annual paying users.

In addition to the above four reasons, I also want to share an "outside the market trick" - continuous exposure. I found that the biggest traffic pool came from social media, so I set a plan for myself: one post a day. The content does not need to be related to my products, I can share high-quality resources I encounter at work. The reading volume of each article is very considerable, about 45,000 on average. This can also increase my fan count significantly. In order to monitor myself, I downloaded a grid tool similar to github commit and recorded myself in a visual way. Humans are ritual creatures, and using this type of tool can better help you stick to the corresponding habits.

Finally, what I want to say is, don’t rush for quick results and don’t blindly follow the trend. It is very important to find your own position and direction. Just like the old song from public enemy I just said, "Ignored media martin buzz or rumors around the story object, A person is nothing special." ) A field or person that seems very hot may blind you, so use your own judgment. I hope my experiences and stories can bring you some inspiration and encouragement. If you’re on the road too, keep going!

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