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Revealing the automatic accounting tool worth 400,000 yuan: How to realize accounting by tapping on your mobile phone?

Have you ever thought that accounting could be so easy with just two taps on the back of your phone? Today, what we are going to reveal is such an automatic accounting tool worth up to 400,000 yuan. It not only achieved a sales miracle of 20,000 copies of Xiao’s book, but also led a new trend in consumption management.

Today, as consumption is downgraded, people pay more and more attention to the management of consumption, and bookkeeping has become an important task in everyone's daily life. This automatic accounting tool was born to solve this need.

So, what is the selling point of this tool? First of all, it requires no installation. You only need to tap the back of the phone twice to trigger the automatic accounting function. Secondly, it can automatically identify the current consumption amount on the screen and allow you to select the consumption type for automatic accounting. Finally, after the accounting is successful, you can display the accounting content in a detailed manner through a multi-dimensional table or dashboard on your mobile phone or PC.

Now, let us reveal the specific implementation process of this magical tool! How are its multidimensional tables and dashboards implemented? It turns out that this is using the multi-dimensional table function of Feishu Cloud Documents. We can create an accounting form and a dashboard in the Feishu Cloud document to record the details, amount type, date and other information of each transaction. The dashboard can realize the visual display of data by adding components, selecting charts, and specifying accounting tables as data sources.

Next, we need to implement an interface so that when the user taps the back of the phone to trigger automatic accounting, data can be inserted into the accounting table. This interface can be implemented through robot instructions provided by Feishu's robot assistant. We simply create a new directive, select the WEBHOOK trigger, and define the parameters of the interface. When the interface is called, the corresponding data can be inserted into the accounting table.

Now, we have successfully created the accounting form, dashboard and interface. So, how do you double-click the back of the phone to identify the amount and call the interface to submit the data? We will reveal this secret to you in the next episode, so stay tuned!

In short, this automatic accounting tool not only simplifies the accounting process, but also achieves efficient and convenient data management and visual display through advanced technologies such as Feishu Cloud Document and Robot Assistant. If you also want to learn more cutting-edge programming knowledge and practical tools, you may wish to follow us and explore the charm of technology together!

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