Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 118): How to build a website portfolio and generate $1 million in profit?


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From Failure to Success: How to Build a Profitable Website Portfolio

Hi everyone, I'm Rust Fanki. Since starting in 2014, I have made over $1 million in profit through my online business. You may be thinking, how did I do this? Today, I will share with you my website creation and profit journey.

It all started with my stepbrother who had a substance abuse problem. He had a criminal record and had difficulty finding work. I decided to help him, so I started digging into the problem. I discovered that there were many people like him who were burdened with the mistakes of the past but longed to start over. So, I created a website specifically to help them find jobs.

The site started out as unremarkable, even ugly. I didn't hire a professional designer, I just kept adjusting according to my own ideas. However, I always firmly believe that content is king. So I spent a lot of time researching which employers were willing to hire people with criminal records and created a database of over 200 companies.

In terms of promotion, I adopted a different strategy. Rather than wait until the website was perfect before launching it, I chose to launch it as early as possible and continue to iterate and improve it over time. I believe that only by allowing users to truly come into contact with your product can you understand their needs and find the real pain points.

As it turns out, my strategy worked. The site quickly went viral on social media, attracting a flood of people in need of help. In the 11th month, the website's revenue began to increase significantly. Although the revenue was not particularly high, it was an important turning point and proved that there was a market for my idea.

Over the next few years, I continued to optimize the website, improve the user experience, and add new features and services. At the same time, I also started experimenting with other online businesses and gradually built a portfolio of profitable websites.

So, what’s the secret to my success? There is no secret formula. I have always believed that only by deeply understanding user needs and providing valuable content and services can we truly attract and retain customers. At the same time, I also attach great importance to data analysis and search engine optimization (SEO). By analyzing user behavior and search data, I can better understand user needs and market trends to develop more effective strategies.

To my friends who want to start their own online business, I say this: Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is inevitable, but every failure is an opportunity to learn. As long as you don’t give up and continue to iterate and optimize your products and services, you will eventually be able to find a path to success.

Anyway, let’s start moving forward! Making mistakes is okay, as long as you learn from them and move on. Remember this sentence: "Those who succeed are those who never give up." I hope my experience can be helpful and inspiring to you. thank you all!

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