What opportunities do ordinary people have to make money in 2024?


2024 has quietly arrived, have you found your own new opportunities? In this ever-changing era, opportunities are often hidden in every corner of our lives, waiting to be discovered by those who are interested. For ordinary people, the new year does not mean that new opportunities will come automatically. More often, we need to take the initiative to find and create.

So, in this year of 2024, which is full of infinite possibilities, what opportunities do ordinary people have that deserve attention? In my opinion, the following three areas deserve attention:

First of all, Google private traffic (not Baidu private) provides us with a huge stage. As Baidu traffic gradually dries up, more and more webmasters are turning their attention to Google. Google’s ranking rules put content as king. As long as you can produce high-quality content, even new websites have a chance to rank. In addition, Google generates a large number of new search terms every day, which means that there are always opportunities for private traffic to Google. Therefore, it is a practical opportunity to choose a vertical niche market to build a website, acquire users through Google private traffic, and finally monetize the traffic.

Secondly, AIGC tools are increasingly used in actual work scenarios and have become essential software to improve work efficiency. In the IGC field, there are still a large number of unmet needs, and these needs also provide opportunities for ordinary people. For example, use AI tools to enlarge low-pixel images to 8K, or switch backgrounds to ordinary photos, etc. At present, most AI mapping tools still need to rely on relatively strong prompt words, and the threshold for use is relatively high. Therefore, by focusing on small functions and making simple and easy-to-use AI products, you can get good traffic. In addition, it is also a good choice to provide AI-related products or services, such as focusing on mid-journey usage tips to help users better use AI tools.

Finally, going to sea is also a direction worthy of attention. Users in markets such as North America and Europe have higher willingness to pay, stronger purchasing power, and the market is more open. In these markets, you don’t need to make a big product, you just need to find a niche market and help users solve a valuable problem, and someone will be willing to pay. Promotion in overseas markets is also easier than in China, and traffic can be obtained through various methods. In addition, overseas social media platforms are more open to external links, which makes it easier to attract traffic. As long as your product is original and unique, there are many independent developers who will take the initiative to help you promote it.

Of course, it is not easy to seize these opportunities. We need to be prepared and courageous enough to try. But as Taleb said: "There are three very harmful carbohydrates in the world: getting paid once a month, becoming an independent developer, and supporting yourself with products." Although this sentence is somewhat ironic, it also reminds us to have Courage to pursue your dreams and goals. In this year of 2024, which is full of opportunities, let us work together to find our own opportunities!

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