Am I trapped by money because I hate money?


Is being trapped by money really because you hate money?

Have you ever tossed and turned late at night, thinking about why the harder you work to make money, the harder your life becomes? Today, I want to dive into an idea that may surprise you: Your money struggles may stem from misunderstandings about money, or even because you “hate” money.

Money and your relationship

You may immediately retort to me: "No, I don't hate money, I need it, I want more money." But let me explain, "hate" here does not mean disgust in the literal sense; A deep, subconscious emotion.

money misunderstandings

First, you may have misunderstood money. Our subconscious is often influenced by our environment and the people around us. If your parents always emphasize that money is hard to come by, and public opinion portrays rich people as representatives of evil, your subconscious will form a negative impression of money, thinking that making money is difficult and that being rich is bad. .

The connection between money and life

On the other hand, you may strongly associate money with unpleasant experiences in life. Maybe you grew up in a family where there were constant arguments about money, and your childhood memories are filled with negative emotions about money. Maybe you've lost love, friendship, or something else important because of money. These experiences lead you to believe deep down that money is the root of all your life’s problems.

The truth about money fights

When you develop such emotions about money, you will find it increasingly difficult to build wealth. Imagine if you wanted to be friends with someone, but you kept saying to them, "I hate you, you are the worst, and it's all your fault." Will this person become your friend? In the same way, when you have negative emotions about money, money will keep its distance from you.

How to repair your relationship with money

So, how do we repair our relationship with money? First, you need to recognize your misunderstandings and negative emotions about money. Then, try to change these ideas and see money as a tool, a tool that can help you achieve your dreams and improve the quality of your life.

Alternatively, you can seek professional help. Kenny and I hosted an event in my studio about money, which we hope will help everyone better understand and deal with their relationship with money. If you are interested, you can check the comments section for details.

Finally, what I want to say is that money is not everything, but it can indeed bring us a lot of convenience and fun. The key lies in how we view and approach our relationship with money. Only when we truly understand and accept money can we truly master it and let it become a boost in our lives.

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