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How to listen to your inner voice and start a new life journey

On the road of life, we are often influenced by external voices, pursuing degrees, status, and recognition from others. However, what truly makes us feel satisfied and happy often comes from the voice deep within. So, how to listen to your inner voice and start a new life journey?

From doctor to jewelry store cashier: a life without setting limits for yourself

Looking back on the seven years I spent studying for a Ph.D. in ## and then studying cancer in Switzerland, every step was full of challenges and pursuits. However, when I found myself gradually losing happiness in the pursuit of academic status and recognition from others, I began to reflect: Is this really the life I want?

The age of 35 is an important threshold for many people. If you do not reach a certain position or status, or if you do not publish important papers, it seems to mean that your future is bleak. But I can’t help but ask: Is such a pursuit really meaningful? Can it really bring us inner satisfaction and happiness?

During my postdoctoral research in Switzerland, I faced tremendous pressure. Whenever I see data about people suffering from cancer and even losing their lives, I think: If I had it to do over again, would I still choose this path? the answer is negative. I began to realize that perhaps what I was really good at and loved wasn’t academic research.

So, after returning to ##, I made a decision that surprised many people: to work as a cashier in a jewelry store. This decision gave me the opportunity to observe life from another perspective and allowed me to truly listen to my inner voice.

Listen to your inner voice: find what you really love

While working in a jewelry store, I discovered that I actually like communicating with people. Whenever a customer walks into the store, I carefully observe their needs and then recommend accessories that suit them. This feeling of connecting with people makes me feel very satisfied and happy.

At the same time, I also realized that although my background and experience may seem unrelated to the jewelry store, it is these experiences that give me the opportunity to share more interesting topics with my customers. For example, if a customer curiously asks me why I chose this job, I will share my experiences and thoughts. This kind of sharing feels very fulfilling and meaningful to me.

In this process, I began to understand: What truly makes us feel satisfied and happy is often not external evaluation and recognition, but inner love and pursuit. Only when we truly love what we do can we devote ourselves to it and find our own value and meaning.

Start a new life journey: constantly redefine yourself

The process of listening to the inner voice is not easy. It requires us to let go of our past identities and achievements and bravely face the unknown future. But it is this process that gives us the opportunity to re-recognize ourselves, discover new possibilities, and start a new life journey.

My transition from doctor to jewelry store cashier is just one part of my journey. In the future I will continue to explore new areas, try new things and redefine myself. Because I believe that only by constantly pursuing our inner love and pursuit can we truly live out our own splendor and value.

So dear readers, you might as well try to listen to your inner voice! Maybe you will find a new you waiting for you to discover and explore!

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