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Four exciting ways to retire early: Are you ready for your new life?

Have you ever dreamed of retiring early, getting rid of the shackles of the nine-to-five job, and pursuing a life that truly belongs to you? Today, let’s explore four different ways to retire early, and maybe you’ll find your favorite answer among them.

1. FIRE Retirement: Pursue financial freedom and realize your dreams as soon as possible

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) retirement method originated in the United States. It encourages people to quickly accumulate enough wealth through increasing income, reducing expenditure and rational investment, so as to realize their retirement dream as soon as possible. Specifically, FIRE retirement follows the 4% rule, that is, when your savings reach 25 times a year's living expenses, you can live on an annual financial income of 4% without having to work.

There are three types of FIRE retirement: Fat FIRE, Skinny FIRE, and Barista FIRE. Fat FIRE is suitable for people with sufficient capital and strong financial management skills, who can maintain a higher standard of living; Thin FIRE is suitable for people with less capital but willing to live a minimalist life; and Barista FIRE allows people to continue working part-time after retirement. , which provides income without affecting the quality of life.

What kind of FIREer do you want to be? You might as well start by reading books such as "FIRE Practical Guide to Retirement" to plan for your early retirement.

2. Mini-retirement: Spread your retirement days throughout your life

Mini-retirement is a lifestyle that spreads your retirement days over your lifetime. It encourages people to find a balance between work and rest and realize their dreams in stages. By properly arranging work and rest time, you can enjoy life after work, pursue interests and hobbies, and achieve a win-win situation between work and life.

The concept of mini-retirement comes from the book The Four-Hour Workweek. By practicing the DIO strategy (locate, streamline, automate, and liberate), you can gradually move toward mini-retirement. Imagine that after working for a period of time, you can take time to travel, learn new skills, or spend time with your family. Wouldn’t this life be more colorful?

Do you also desire to have such a life? You might as well start by reading the book "Mini Retirement: Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance" to plan for your future.

3. Retirement in seclusion: return to nature and pursue inner peace

In Japan, more and more young people are choosing to retire in seclusion, calling themselves "urban hermits." They do not fall in love, do not buy insurance, take the fewest classes, earn the least money, minimize their consumption desires, and pursue a simple and closer to nature lifestyle.

Retirement in seclusion is suitable for people who can endure loneliness and long for inner peace. In such a life, you can do what you like, such as reading, walking, painting, watching movies, etc. Hidden away from the city, this lifestyle allows many people to find inner peace and contentment.

Do you also yearn for such a life? It is recommended to read books such as "Two days off and five days off: A guide to urban life with less money and less work", which may provide you with some inspiration.

4. Entrepreneurship and retirement: pursue your passion and start a new life

Entrepreneurial retirement is a way to retire early through starting a business. After you have accumulated a certain amount of start-up capital, you can quit your original job and start a career you love. Whether it is in the fields of handicrafts, photography, self-media or content entrepreneurship, many people have realized their dreams through entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial retirement is suitable for people with strong comprehensive ability, learning ability and self-motivation. By starting a business, you can have more free time while providing yourself with extra income. This lifestyle not only meets your material needs, but also allows you to pursue your inner love and passion.

Are you ready to pursue your passion? You might as well start with a side job and gradually move towards entrepreneurship and retirement.

Ending: Retire early and embrace a new life

Early retirement is not a far-fetched dream. By choosing a retirement method that suits us, we can achieve financial freedom sooner and embrace a more colorful life. Whether you choose FIRE retirement, mini-retirement, seclusion retirement or entrepreneurial retirement, the important thing is to find your own way of life and pursue true inner happiness.

Now, it’s time to plan a wonderful retirement life for yourself! Feel free to leave a message in the comment area to share your thoughts and plans, and let us work together to realize our dream of early retirement!

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