I spoiled my life


I Spoiled My Life: Wisdom and Inspiration in Adversity

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to know what your future would be like in advance? Recently, I had the opportunity to "spoiler" my own life. Although this was just an accidental fortune-telling experience, it gave me a deeper understanding of life.

The life script of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

In our circle, there are elites from all walks of life, from technical experts in large factories to beauticians of traditional Chinese medicine, from pioneers in the photovoltaic industry to welding workers. Everyone has their own unique life trajectory. And against this background, I met a friend who was good at Taoism and I Ching, and he "spoiled" the future for me.

First experience of fortune telling: Enlightenment of the big picture of life

At first, I participated in this fortune-telling with a dubious attitude. But I couldn't help but admire him when he pinpointed certain traits in my personality and predicted the difficulties I encountered last year. He told me that my destiny has a general pattern of "wealth from the sun to the moon", and I should have achieved extraordinary achievements. However, because I was naughty and did not study hard when I was a child, my current development is not as expected.

Wisdom in adversity: How to face life’s challenges

Hearing this, I couldn't help but fall into deep thought. Looking back on the difficulties of the past year, I deeply understand the importance of mental health. During that difficult time, I collapsed for a while, but it was through the company of friends, adjustment of sleep, and relaxation of outdoor sports that I gradually got out of the predicament. This made me realize that when facing life challenges, we need to find our own way to release stress and maintain physical and mental health.

The wisdom of ancient Chinese: adapt to things as they come, don’t welcome the future, don’t love the past

When looking back on my own experience, I remembered Mr. Zeng Guofan's famous saying: "Accommodate things as they come, don't welcome the future, and don't love the past." This sentence made me deeply understand that in the face of various changes in life, we should maintain a peaceful mind, follow the laws of nature, and not worry too much about the future, nor dwell on past regrets. Only by cherishing the present can you control your own destiny.

The bottoming out philosophy of life

Recalling my experience of failing to start a business with my friends when I was 27 years old, I deeply understand the ups and downs in life. It was that trough experience that led my wife and I to found Ninghao.com, which eventually led to success. This taught me something: when you feel like you've hit rock bottom, it might be time to bottom out. As long as we maintain confidence and face challenges bravely, we will be able to usher in a new chapter in life.

Conclusion: Cherish every moment

Through this "spoiler" life experience, I cherish every moment in front of me even more. Every challenge and opportunity in life is an opportunity to grow. Let us face the ups and downs of life with a peaceful mind, cherish every present, and create more possibilities for our future.

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